David Beckham Announces Retirement

The soccer great says that he will no longer play soccer.
4:33 | 05/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for David Beckham Announces Retirement
The announcement. David Beckham at the age of 38 is retiring from soccer. But thank god almighty he's not retiring from modeling underwear he's not retiring from -- -- that. That's a lifetime job that's is like he had become an international brand -- -- soccer in more ways than one he. Is only about everything -- -- -- -- you know. The line of clothing that it really doesn't matter because this is what he looks like with no clothes on and that's all he needs to happen in order to continue to make pigs and acting lessons right I mean. And as good as he does -- -- -- -- Yeah so I said earlier this week nobody. And -- repeat nobody doesn't like back. He didn't like -- don't -- I tell me you say. I know there -- -- you usually that means saying and I say let go a little to convince an Intel whether it's hot I'm. I went to and I Jermaine Jackson shop. Over the molestation claims obvious yet that -- -- Said he couldn't believe it when he earns an -- -- -- claims that a family member molested him as a child -- told DMZ that he never heard that. -- Jackson wanted to -- suns made this announcement on Twitter. Claiming an uncle of his move on on his mother's side. Sexually abusing his child and Michael Jackson actually councilman through this trauma. He said he made the announcement targeted in an attempt to discredit Wayne Robson abuse allegations against -- and this is how I know that wade is lineman Chris. I and a survivor. Why -- check that out that might be the first time I've ever heard somebody come out in defense to say. This is the Marines and I know Michael Jackson thing you know is -- is not. In any kind of -- child molester because he went through trial and now we've got we've Robinson coming up -- it seems like every time that we you know those two words come together and automatically says Michael Bennett. The person I've heard somebody -- this is why he didn't get him home. Okay now that's something funny for you guys everybody the pan down to that be including your salary job so. -- -- -- -- The rapper did out that he was so happy to announce that he will become the season a regular on Downton Abbey which is his favorite -- Yeltsin's that he was debuting -- -- Pete. The minute show quickly came out and said that was total bogus and not going to happen and and -- This happened. I'm -- will column none the new owner a downtown that. This is -- some -- we lost without -- pleasure to meet your costs. That thank you can see -- is himself as lord of all hot and he basically this happened that you just what you just happened after he says I am the first black cast member on downtown. Downton Abbey whatever the -- it's called. I think he's he's like yeah I think you're telling areas he's he's been digitally inserted into all of these I -- famous scenes of Downton -- I do not -- -- but John you do watch it and it's just me. He edits already likes -- to watch this I don't watch a lot of TV particularly dramas like this but I enjoyed it. Wandered into the room it was on and I sat down and I got -- Yeah I gotta tell you if nothing else -- group of people I have no idea what it's about Nevada not and they may keep it on -- -- -- on their television I know I will now become only because of the. He did -- -- -- he intends and having say I don't want to watch that show it's like Dallas it's salacious it's got all kinds of good stuff they don't like. It's great. Yeah -- lead a life -- -- British upper crust people is saying much like ours that's as -- now. Everyone will be -- model that's -- -- Listen to this. Miley Cyrus -- -- Her rings back on. Fashion writer and I think -- again few weeks ago she blasted rumors that. Her relationship -- William Helms -- -- -- -- rocks and now she's taking things further saying she's wearing her engagement ring again. Her and -- 123 announce their engagement things have not been so smooth sailing since then amid rumors that's put back in March but. She spent time with his family and Australian. With Cyrus last month and she told ABC news that she wasn't sure the couple would make it down the aisle but. Come over my boyfriend all the time and we a working so there you go out there twenty years old can break it off in two minutes and then get back together two minutes later. Drive -- -- a lot when you want to go off on call upon the --

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{"id":19199353,"title":"David Beckham Announces Retirement","duration":"4:33","description":"The soccer great says that he will no longer play soccer.","url":"/WNN/video/david-beckham-announces-retirement-19199353","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}