Distracted Walkers Beware of 'No Cell Phone Lane'

National Geographic experiment for "Mind Over Matter" divided foot traffic based on phone use.
2:55 | 07/21/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Distracted Walkers Beware of 'No Cell Phone Lane'
OK now it's time for the next can't stand is -- on the people on yourself when they're not paying attention there's a new campaign. In Washington DCE. That deals with slow walkers take a look at. This -- started by the DC government on the left side UC no cell -- a laugh on the right sidewalk in this cleaning your own risk. It's a National Geographic. Project if they're doing it's TV show called might over -- -- -- for one day TV proves that Elton they'd. I. -- cell -- out of that I love it how that here's my big question of how to the nose self out of the cellphone people who are always looking down even know that there walking. That's -- I'm curious to see how the interaction happened and what did you think they'll win in regulation that people and I know why did you arrest the guy who's in the cellphone that you're taking it to another level out the back with a law degree. OK let's talk about this story this is a beautiful heartfelt reunion you love these especially when it deals with -- -- members of the military. Says. US Marine Corps officer -- -- museum right there reuniting with his military war -- who now. To work together overseas and Afghanistan. -- and officer met. Getting together to try to find IUDs take a listen to how they found these devices to basically save lives. -- on something he'd lay down and point -- like that there's something here game enjoy a good job you know I found it. We -- we confirmed to him over there. Those great there's really only care they got him. Now as a reunion years in the making T nine it was all put together -- -- -- canine rescue organization beautiful thing not until he remembered hand. -- -- heroes that's pretty incredible and so. People there's a man who wanted to sort of take away the stigma that people do when they look at homeless people he cities think look at -- -- go get a job at instead. He launched his campaign on YouTube that's pretty incredibly successful take a look at this -- rethink. Homeless -- it's to the tune of royals by -- boards. And that you to be as hard cardboard stories. Trying to explain the stories behind the people who are homeless some of that battling lung cancer one person speaks four languages. Little things about people -- a computer geek I'm recovering from heart surgery. And he's getting a lot of attention some big companies are actually behind it trying to -- change they look at what was. Speak four languages figures it won't purchasing I do have a job and a homeless really important message there. OK one last one for you and you can put this in the stupid category -- -- Michael Hart gets arrested for shoplifting from a convenience store so when you get arrested you get to make a phone call. Phone call does this got me there is right there as he caught -- he calls the local Domino's or pizza to be delivered to the officer that arrested him months. Now sounds like a joke he got additional charges to act on that little I -- that's that's not Smart.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"National Geographic experiment for \"Mind Over Matter\" divided foot traffic based on phone use.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"24647121","title":"Distracted Walkers Beware of 'No Cell Phone Lane'","url":"/WNN/video/distracted-walkers-beware-national-geographics-cell-phone-lane-24647121"}