'DWTS' Recap: Leah Remini Falls Short of Finals

Leah Remini is booted from "Dancing With the Stars" after the semifinal round.
4:06 | 11/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'DWTS' Recap: Leah Remini Falls Short of Finals
Right Dancing With The Stars time -- the wire. We'll tell you got eliminated -- -- talk about the entire evening in this week's challenge was dancing to different routines to -- convergence of the same song. So let's get started let's talk about the highlight of the night amber Riley. She and Corbin -- Both receiving a perfect score. One of the debts to them pretty excellent number and a Riley and her -- receiving the highest combined score of the -- -- -- native Indians and knocked out of heaven by no remorse. Quote from blue and not Karina Smirnoff receiving the second highest -- tonight. Civic body begins to light them up I'm on fire by four. -- Jim McCloskey a former contestant choreographer -- He was actually guest judge alongside the other reason he had appeared in thirteen seasons -- Dancing With The Stars so I think he's a little qualified makes and judging. He's on GMA yesterday by the white all right -- already gone through it spoiler alert spoiler alert play in the -- is close carriers. Yeah -- -- and -- she's eliminated your partner danced to bad romance by Lady Gaga. As your partner Tony Dovolani they receive the total score 65 -- -- eighty for the night that is from their combined two dances. They did not receive the lowest score from the judges for the night that was actually built -- receivables were from the judges -- sixty days but nonetheless. We have revenue going home by the way that Dancing With The Stars finals is next Monday night and -- will be on GMA and the -- today. So bill and ball is now among. The finalists on Dancing With The Stars together an amber Riley and courtroom -- who are incredible -- great -- know but just not -- -- the second competitions a little too tough. -- wasn't expecting him to make it is hard to be honest -- -- popular one home I was expecting would be in his place instead -- that ticket out. -- hunger is catching fire and finally finally finally finally in theaters cramps and lots. Because Sesame Street is so incredibly wonderful I'm on Sesame Street they are going to air a spoof of the Hunger Games they have the trailer for the Hunger Games numbers coming up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well there's -- Says they street has decided to come up with something called the -- days. And we got cookie monster as -- -- ever eat. And his sidekicks are there should actually -- and -- into the red version of epitomize. Com and essentially the whole deal is that the cookie monster. It wasn't eaten well and he's got it helped me and got a complete these patterns and learn how to eating habits in order to win the hungry -- games. -- similar to the games. And their own -- child. You like to take on in the Hunger Games that we love -- -- regular vet loves -- Michigan they -- doesn't issued aren't helping us understand what -- hundred. Games are all about anyway yeah. All right Funny or Die as a new installment very funny justice Tyler Ferguson and George to -- take. Part in this one and yes they do a modern version of the bachelor which it's the -- -- So just tell a person pays the gay bachelor -- George guy plays the host. And everything goes well enough about twelve bachelor's but it quickly gets a little desperate -- and then begin pointing over each other -- -- -- fellow contestants had to -- Jesse Tyler Ferguson the bachelor is gone. It's -- cleared -- all start to get away from mommy says a lot of guys about connections in the house without me and big Ellison in this soundbites. I even have the guy who has -- around to appear open minded it's. -- and even heat is ignoring me. -- the -- guy who loves car did not signal item. In keeping with the -- traditions camera caught every tears shed in the limo ride home after. After getting the -- and you know got the -- this is the twist Ferguson himself got escorted out of his own bachelor -- The -- you can dozens and dozens yep -- and I said he was seen sobbing on his former oral vaccine picket.

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{"id":20935572,"title":"'DWTS' Recap: Leah Remini Falls Short of Finals","duration":"4:06","description":"Leah Remini is booted from \"Dancing With the Stars\" after the semifinal round.","url":"/WNN/video/dwts-recap-leah-remini-falls-short-finals-20935572","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}