Grammy Awards preview

Our music industry insider, Bruno del Granado, weighs in on this year's top contenders before Sunday's big show.
4:51 | 01/26/18

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Transcript for Grammy Awards preview
Let us decide whether barring that video is no longer there to spread in the hurricane that would yeah. This song that's on of the summer extending its tentacles of sunshine. Five's all the way into the dead of winter so we're we're gonna see who can finally defeat the monster dad is just he. Well. Well so far a number of Grammy Awards I'm excited tennis not so much debris we want to know. What do you think it's up for two of the biggest surprises of the night the our good friend Bernard Goldman out of there is a music industry's insider going all the parties and the event and the grammys. Is joining us right now to break down the big event Ted amnesty. On Sunday night oh what a big party it will be so we have song of the year let's put it up there again. That's but Zito. Pound. Or performed by Jay-Z. To in my position is he's. The phone number their suicide hotline biologic and that's what I like. Listen Esposito was no more for sixteen weeks it has four point six billion views one point seven billion streams. Number one in 47 countries that. Song is going to be very heart disease. Really it's. Massive but if it wins it'll be the first non English. Language song to win a Grammy since. People aren't by the Macomb Laguna sixty years ago. People. Are ballooning. Thousand you know ending the alienate. So Esposito. Hasn't become the new Bologna really hopefully that's hate. And you know now. I will next we have a record of the area and bring I have to admit I never really remember the difference between record yeah right. So record of the year goes the performer for the singer who sings. Song of the year goes to the songwriter usually when when he get a summer rhetoric of the year with a Grammy. It's clear force ours get onstage and thankfully record of the year it's a performance for some sings blessed got on stage and particularly so. Kennedy year we have try to she can be known just by Zito again the story of OJ humble 24 came magic. We're there are no white people available for that cannot learn a hell yeah. Grammys so darker. I gotta tell you it's been pop hip pocket property is. Jeanne right now right now officially. Dated and rock bigger than anything else according to Spotify apple music it is a big genre not only in the US but worldwide council we're seeing the grammys finally. Realizing that hip hop is. The winner really quickly this was he the once again yesterday is always against OK album of the year we had Jay-Z is having a good here please nomination. And wise 444 Kendrick Lamar scam is really good album. Once again Donald Glover there are childish Gambino. Lure us melodrama and the Bruno Mars. Lord is a dark horse here because it's a lot album and only one nomination problem here no pop nominations. Might vote goes to jail. To JC yet yet thirteenth album this is a creepy claim records ten songs 36 minutes it wasn't. Lifestyle music on the incredible I think Jay gets at this time for help last. More on this usually appears budget easy. Not gotten any better at last category best new artist who got let's get current illegal little Lindsey berg Jillian Michaels and says who he thinks gonna take on the prize. 2018 and inside track is is up she's and you Lauryn Hill five nominations are locals than our delivers incredible. I want to say Julie Michaels this is her debut. Single. To have received deciding your nomination that's huge so IE one it's gonna be a Taiwan thinks is a and Julia Michaels. There's also talk that. You know what's a woman who's just a year ago as a stripper now she might win its wrap sorry the first. Females who carded he has exploded thanks to reality TV well that would let love and hit she's exploited but she can't she can certainly make history this year. As being the first female to win rap song of the years. But really how important our programs in the grand scheme of things. If you wanna sell tickets yes now days artists need to grammys to launch tours into Bob Hartley Leonard at -- you know Bob -- never did. And none of their run DMC note needed public enemy more total Bok a biggie or even worse not a single member of one direction even as one direction. Pour in their post one direction career. That they have not yet there can't recall haven't always want and pain Harry denial all of the above Harry especially as things got. Music career back thank you so much thank you gonna. Listen to implant the eagle.

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{"id":52627049,"title":"Grammy Awards preview","duration":"4:51","description":"Our music industry insider, Bruno del Granado, weighs in on this year's top contenders before Sunday's big show.","url":"/WNN/video/grammy-awards-preview-52627049","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}