Halle Berry: More Drama With Ex

The actress' ex was involved in a fistfight with fiance Olivier Martinez.
3:34 | 11/26/12

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Transcript for Halle Berry: More Drama With Ex
Hi welcome to the -- every line so how -- -- is now seeking aid. Restraining order from my -- Operate be Deborah robbery because of an altercation that took place on Thanksgiving. Day what happened -- Gabriel Aubrey was dropping off little -- And -- then that morning and that he was confronted by her new fiance Olivia Martinez is obviously bigger -- Gabriel -- Equally as beautiful low I would say it's not -- -- yeah -- after the fight what happened it was. Gabrielle took a swing at Olivier he admits to it's just -- -- shoulder. And then Gabriel out of the hospital with a broken -- mandate is massive space contusion but now -- how he gets to appear in court this week to argue for an extension. Of an emergency protection. -- that a judge placed on -- over the weekend isn't granted he would have not have rights to see his little daughter for an indefinite amount of time. Ms. hill -- nasty custody battle -- -- had -- go to France and just say can't do that so often enough it Gabriel did not kind of help. -- case -- get into a brawl whatever but he can from all accounts he thought he Leahy he was on the losing end -- this thing so he's a model so. Maybe you should model that cannot find box just -- pretty don't think felt noble fisticuffs but that's not. Clarification took place in front will not ever -- an -- it is said what else is said to was apparently Lindsay Lowell and back in the headlines because -- nine you know -- then she -- iris about 200. And 30000 dollars in back taxes why rich people millionaires and Hollywood folks. Get back taxes level never understand life can be would have really -- in this long list of folks who owed taxes but guess who came to her aid for -- 100000 dollar check. Charlie she now. I wrote a big shed apparently that you got close to people -- another. Not exactly -- events like these said they've met during the filming of scary movie five -- -- hit -- -- the became buddies she shares that's I was with him. She's she denied help -- first and then Charlie sent the check for a hundred grand tour manager to help her get. Pay off her taxes so. Lovely for Charlie who redemption -- and put -- power couple they are. Okay keep -- -- Rihanna and Chris Brown. Is it appears that they rekindled their romance she rented to his concert in Berlin. Sent between -- -- lover they were spotted leaving together after after the -- club in Berlin on Thanksgiving. And then in this tweet she -- -- to her many many fans. I'm not going to read the caption but it appears to be him face down on the bed with Bart Simpson and permit it it her bed. It with Bart Simpson if you space we don't know that is Chris Brown what appears to be because he has the same tattoos -- -- intact as I don't know comes. Zeman the rumors that those -- are are back -- as an item again so. Good luck with that Rihanna also was. Beyond -- easy in the sense of pictures out over the holiday of the little girl blue lighting is almost a year -- but this -- -- -- not. Very cute picture there you see mommy and Pablo live in the same similar little outfit there are -- picture beyoncé and her daughter plus is he another picture of Jaycee and the daughter as well they go that's Sanjay that's not so easy -- Jessica Simpson. That's an idea and -- up their little girl that these are all holiday card yes yes its currency unit see celebrities haven't quiet family time like the rest of the greatest stars they're just like beautiful Little League makes a lot of money back tech except how.

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{"id":17810489,"title":"Halle Berry: More Drama With Ex","duration":"3:34","description":"The actress' ex was involved in a fistfight with fiance Olivier Martinez.","url":"/WNN/video/halle-berry-drama-17810489","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}