Happy Play-Doh Day!

Reena Ninan and Kendis Gibson build World News Now mugs out of Play-Doh in celebration of Play-Doh Day.
3:04 | 09/16/15

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Transcript for Happy Play-Doh Day!
Don't you just love outplayed a commercial from the 1980 is those kids are proving. Forty years old but about out. I think their had a minor played a particular but there are still make their costs. That's right for the past half hour. Read and I had been trying to match what the Plato folks have done look at this this is incredible this commodity bed bug. Fat it's literally Marseille I don't want to touch it because immortal Brunette yet. So we want you to decide like who did a better job on kept. Yet we're working that we have from time rates again. Get a little black front and back background and played out I'm working on the black art here I prefer not to see the world in color. Layout made out of simple ingredients flour water salt forecasted and mineral oil so it's really okay if kids eat Ed. It was first oh really made as a plot much that your a fat was made the wallpaper cleaner so I'm not so sure Q2 unit that was back in the 1930s but in the fifties. Some school children started using it modeling compound. And a restaurant history now 95 million cans sold every year and five countries very very impressive and. Speaking of impressive. Our our bonds really which did a half yeah she did what she thought she hundred and I thought he had to be made completely of just. It's it's got that but a. So this is what I'm doing I'm not creature but okay. There you go see so what do you think Jack given me a get out is let's see your big reveal is that is that it. Is that allowed Jack pretty thick. Okay we'll wait and wait till you get a look at this little what did what did you do a look at this you did the big. I've had yeah debate goes up up up. We knew it look at you how it got a bigger go home really. Look at that. That stress that they are revealing your bar products on FaceBook dot I web page W had a chance dot com I just wanna know can your mug you this. The only. These guys in your mind do this very very fair while really the mine has a shot past election years do that. May have won a thing about it. We'll the younger seat we're gonna let you guys decide who has the best one this. For myself but he's got our FaceBook page is Japan intelligent who did it that's tomorrow we're gonna have. The big reveal your ego and just a reminder I'd never got to play with NATO as a kid so it yeah I've just appealing to your votes. Yeah and you how to do the big gulp percent of exactly. Anger. Trying to think if that's my goodness.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"Reena Ninan and Kendis Gibson build World News Now mugs out of Play-Doh in celebration of Play-Doh Day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33792654","title":"Happy Play-Doh Day!","url":"/WNN/video/happy-play-doh-day-33792654"}