Heartwarming stories for Valentine's Day

ABC News' Will Ganss gives us the details on a few touching tales that prove love is alive and well in 2019.
2:12 | 02/14/19

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Transcript for Heartwarming stories for Valentine's Day
Romance is alive and well all over the world this February 14 from the six Long Island couples renewing their vows we love each other. It's a commitment. It. We're in the same boat together to the lovely ladies. And celebs sisters celebrating gallon times today. To the gay penguins and Australia spend and magic who successfully hatched eggs that a female anchor and rejected. Their commitment to one another and to their new check. Inspiring so many. And these three sisters who have the world's tutors Valentine's date. Thanks to a surprise from dad. But from puppy look we go to one more remarkable love story between a man and his wife. Heard and Mary Lou all line had a longstanding tradition every Valentine's Day for the forty years they shared their home in Seattle Washington. They decorated this plum tree in the front yard with lights and ornaments Mary Lou died back in 2009 are missed her. But herb hasn't stopped sharing her love of love with his neighbors. Its troops from two groups. Got a grip. Hauling boxes climbing latter's spending hours decorating Mary Lou's favorite tree. All to honor the memory of the woman who is his Valentine for 46 years. I loved their love story herb not only decorate may Lee street for every Valentine's Day he's out there every Christmas. Easter Thanksgiving fourth of July Halloween and seeing paddy state to make sure her legacy is remembered. Her her is amazing. You know with not amazing though is a box of chocolates because you don't you really never know you're gonna get everybody pick Matthew and I asked. I got I don't know it yet we all get together call Robin. Chip picket line like it or not update of I or any time now hopefully I had to drop the dark chocolate wine there's nothing wrong with our talk I'm Tom. I'm good enough valid today pat yeah. It. My good I would. That that in that. No doctors. At a yeah I think.

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{"duration":"2:12","description":"ABC News' Will Ganss gives us the details on a few touching tales that prove love is alive and well in 2019.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"61070327","title":"Heartwarming stories for Valentine's Day","url":"/WNN/video/heartwarming-stories-valentines-day-61070327"}