Hottest back-to-school gadgets

Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo dropped in to show off the must-have items to start the school year off right.
4:46 | 08/22/18

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Transcript for Hottest back-to-school gadgets
All kids of all ages are headed back to school so it's time to stock up on the latest gadgets for them so we've got biggest Liz. Stick DeBartolo is here joining us please see you don't think he the same and we got some really good gadget. Here it is and here funds have every right try to find a really unique backpack I like the stuff lasts the Arab ever to get really get this is me this this is from. The company is star sports. And that move a woman who designed its audit with a Ohio State I guess she lives and then they got somebody requests they're now they have more than thirty schools signed up. But you can also buy a blank version if you lose your schools not covet and you want to design your own so this is broadsided if I so it looks like a real helmet life is actually a backpack and is headed. Please see if for your laptop and in the back is the other school supplies and on the fifty books highlighted this might be my favorite out this that's not quite amazing this is cold cauldron. So this is you're going to class you want to have coffee with you. You dial the tyrant and updates yet call for nearly cost paid dial attempt he what you call that he be yet it keeps it that way for ten hours. But in the dawn you can make soup you can cook in it you can do freeze fright I actually. Boiled some water and you can boil things and we just I'm just gonna show you how that the Cadillac wow. That that is steaming hot that's amazing as it battery operate its battery operated. Two ways so it comes with a deaths Georgia OK so when you're at you just put it on there and then the battery can run for ten hours. That's likely we'll 130. You can also buy the kit with a blend there. Which chops ice. It can't deduct college about now right OK so it's a little kitchen if you don't have kids in the right on all together this little guy his knees okay. So it is a little LED I'm gonna fold down sink into the light on the hand look at. So it's four different brightness is okay so it is a built in battery again oh shut it off. You this is good place to mark a book and you can flatten it out you can pull it out. This actually is. He attacks you with B challenger. So charges right from here bright from here so you could slide this into the side of your laptop. Bended over it and liked the keyboard can you check just in any US beating anybody USB okay kissing and then you can you can use this to boom occupy a halt. It's just called the LED book like. It's nine dollar and what I bought a couple of benign policy. On Amazon cut daughter needs one of the agency he had earlier this is great I'm gonna pick it up here and show you let me just turn on him. So this is a 101000 Millie and external battery chargers. But it's wireless so if you have a chief phone like the iphone's YLOGRY. It was she'll lay it on here and then you can Cilic it. Why you charging a phone wirelessly. There is an output here it's if we can charge a second device. But wait yeah. If we have more than one of these which I do. You can lay this on another wire with challenger. And the other wireless to budget can charge this while this is charging your device and that's touching something else. I'll allow a similar prison analyst at Ellis aren't quite yet had to be empowered to go no matter where you Anna Mae's and I'll let you pick that up. So in the dawn you want a lot of outlets you want ways to choice things so you had you take one outlet Alan. One grounded outlet right so plugs and ear plugs in net net you have three grounded out Leno line on three different side Sweeney is so you can put those trains formal plugs in net and then on the fronts. We have 32 point four volt. USB charges so the senate six device I think you're exactly and is actually even what kind of little LED and there. So you know that it would got to put so you know that there you. Al what you put it in has power. This is amazing should. Kids are going off to their dorm around they are sending off to college you need the power for everything everything disease but there on this race yet and you know exactly got paid seventeen dollars on Amazon for that Dell's about certain. Else was up thirty dollars yeah no this this this was thirty and that was seventeen yes that actually seems like it's worth DeVine yes absolutely and that's. We'll pick thank you would always these are all great idea I have one more year another at a school be effective and it's the main thing I want more you can check out Disneyland dot bids if you wanna see any of this stuff are of course and you and fans dot com your pitching well now.

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{"duration":"4:46","description":"Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo dropped in to show off the must-have items to start the school year off right.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"57328032","title":"Hottest back-to-school gadgets","url":"/WNN/video/hottest-back-school-gadgets-57328032"}