Lakewood Church helps displaced Hurricane Harvey victims

Seven months after the storm devastated south Texas and Louisiana, residents are still displaced. ABC News' Rachel Scott reports on the recovery efforts.
3:42 | 03/30/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lakewood Church helps displaced Hurricane Harvey victims
South Texas and Louisiana luckily in the area no longer looks quite late this no more but with the storm destroying thousands of homes. We want to know how are those storm victims doing ABC's Rachel Scott traveled to Houston each got a firsthand look she's here this morning. Good morning Rachel good morning Hannah and Diane wall on the surface much of Houston appears to be back to normal but thousands of hurricane hardy victims are still displaced and rebuilding. Many have no idea when help will come. This sounds familiar to many hurricane Harvey victims. We're still finding their belongings submerged in floodwater. Morton six months later. Mr. monster storm ripping up apartment buildings. Fires destroyed multiple home the suspect car it's almost. Completely underwater it's Houston alone more than 3000 households still live out of hotels. Driveways are anti. Trash lines the streets and the families left more than six months ago have still not returned and everything was. They cut us anything. Bruising day art and moved into this home 45 years ago with her family. She stayed to take care for elderly parents. Months before the storm she lost her mother. When hard hit she nearly lost her home. You listen to be elected to the mayor and everything everything with floating. When he this year it's hard to. Coordinating this you know him home for Rosie awaited recovery is overwhelming. Cost unaffordable you don't have back. Changing honest I think act. With your FEMA relief funds running low Houston's Lakewood church stepped in to cover the cost of all the here. Their team is led by Michael Wright in his wife teary it. Spends twice changing I mean enough so that pounds. But while island to job and only gas and now I'm we're doing this full time volunteers. Dave and Joyce Kimball drove halfway across the country weeks after the storm. He'd been used in Everett and thank out of there are feet helping victims like Rosie. Man you sent out to do something for someone else. We can never fails you get the blessing them off their team is helping dozens of displaced Texans rebuilt placing your. Getting home and even renovate. Victims like Carney helmet program. What you're new reality. You kind of work you're trying to function. You're way ahead. Same clothes over and over and he knows what clothes you have on. She uses. So many of a stream of having something more these Texans are just looking to get past what they have. Lakewood theme is hoping to have Rosie back in her home by the end of April but charities and churches likely quit. Are prepared for a while recovery. Experts believe it needs he year's amazing this is that range you see in these people and how they're dealing with all this and I'd issued complaining that a close to rent but she still looked great over there he dead but we just how can people like us help Jeff. How will be want to help victims like Rosie you can head Lakewood dot com back fast rebuild. And Rachel also obviously people want to help with the federal government but folks in Texas there's strong and proud as well and so that's why you see the church's really stepping up there he had Houston has really Houston's strong I understand now where that saying comes from their remaining hopeful and really helping each other out there that's really hard time also great to see this solved firsthand Rachel Scott for a straight to thank you so make your original. They report.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"Seven months after the storm devastated south Texas and Louisiana, residents are still displaced. ABC News' Rachel Scott reports on the recovery efforts. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"54118547","title":"Lakewood Church helps displaced Hurricane Harvey victims","url":"/WNN/video/hurricane-harvey-victims-displaced-54118547"}