Hurricane Michael strengthens to Category 4

The storm has strengthened and is forecast to bring a dangerous storm surge of up to 13 feet and winds over 130 mph. ABC News' Maggie Rulli reports.
2:19 | 10/10/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hurricane Michael strengthens to Category 4
We begin with breaking news hurricane Michael strengthening. As it bears down on the Florida Panhandle their moments ago the National Hurricane Center announced Michael is a category four storm. Extremely dangerous. And expected to make landfall about midday today right now Michael is moving north across the eastern Gulf of Mexico 375000. People have been asked to evacuate the state ABC's Maggie ruling is in Panama City Beach. This morning good morning MacKey. Kenya's Linda good morning like you said this storm is gaining strength and is gaining strength rapidly fast remember just just time yesterday. Michael with a category one and now we're talking about a category four hurricane. Officials are warning that the time to evacuate is now. The raw power of hurricane Michaels already being felt on the high seas battle thirteen to fifteen foot swells last night. We're told all passengers aboard the empress of the seas are safe but album monster storm is taking direct aim for the Florida Panhandle. Overnight becoming a strong category four storm that estimate store this will be devastating. Seen from space this hurricane is intimidating stretching more than 400 miles it's left a path of destruction in more than a dozen dead in Central America and authorities here in Florida are not taking any chances fearing high winds and double digit storm search. Remember we can rebuild your house we cannot rebuild your life. And let your kids your grandkids all you founding members take care take this year's seriously keep your family safe. The governor Florida's asking at least 300 in 75000. People to evacuate. Many residents heeding the warning and saying this is shaping up to be the worst this region has seen in decades. Taking to shill durst. Understanding that this maybe a little bit more intense than others and hauling in briefing out of harm's way one thing. Others stocking up on dwindling supplies preparing to ride out this storm and well. Officials warn that not just the center of this storm and are worried about many of the outer bands are also packing hurricane force winds and Kenneth and Linda because start seeing those in just a matter of hours. Scary for the people down there meg generally thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"The storm has strengthened and is forecast to bring a dangerous storm surge of up to 13 feet and winds over 130 mph. ABC News' Maggie Rulli reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"58401294","title":"Hurricane Michael strengthens to Category 4","url":"/WNN/video/hurricane-michael-strengthens-category-58401294"}