Impeachment trial day 3 today

House impeachment managers played never-before-seen video Wednesday showing lawmakers only feet away from the Capitol mob. ABC’s Andrew Dymburt reports.
2:46 | 02/11/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Impeachment trial day 3 today
This morning day three of president trumps impeachment trial getting underway in hours after a dramatic presentation by Democrats. On January 6. President trump. Left everyone. In this capital. For dead. House managers laying out their case claiming trouble incited the mob that attacked the capital highlighting what he did everything we did not do you that day he did. Not once. Condemned the attack us. In fact on January 6 the only person he condemned. As his own vice president. Mike Pence. Who was hiding in this building. With his family. In fear for his life instead he served as the insider. In chief. Prosecutors using Trump's own tweaks argued that he stoke the flames of violence. Played video of a man at the riot in one of Trump's tweaks the bullhorn. But that didn't happen at the college cannot and will have a good. They were paying attention. And they also followed instructions. House Democrats played never before seen video lawmakers only feet away from the rioters you were just 58 steps away. From where the mob was amassing. That Bob all of the hunt intent on fighting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. And then vice president Mike Pence. The video shows pens getting whisked away from the senate chamber down a staircase to safety just two minutes earlier trump had attacked pence on Twitter for not having the courage to overturn the election. Capitol police officers seen running to the rescue rushing lawmakers to safety. Another video shows senator Chuck Schumer barely escaping the mob. Additional security footage shows how leader Schumer. And the members of his protective detail. Had a near miss with the mob. They came within just yards of writers. Had to turn around. And in this video police officer Eugene good mean he's seen directing senator Mitt Romney to safety Romney saying he didn't know until now how close he had come to the mob. He spoke to officer Goodman after watching the video saying. He expressed his appreciation to the officer Democrats are still a long way from getting at least seventeen Republican senators to vote to convict from. But some Republicans called the Democrats presentation. Compelling deserve. I'm angry and disturbed and saddened. And the trial continues today with Democrats wrapping up their opening arguments and then trumps defense team will get its turn.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"House impeachment managers played never-before-seen video Wednesday showing lawmakers only feet away from the Capitol mob. ABC’s Andrew Dymburt reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"75824623","title":"Impeachment trial day 3 today","url":"/WNN/video/impeachment-trial-day-today-75824623"}