Independence Day recipes for entertaining at home

America's CEO -- Chief Entertaining Officer -- Tim Laird dropped in to share some tasty recipes to compliment your Fourth of July celebration.
4:12 | 07/03/19

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Transcript for Independence Day recipes for entertaining at home
The nation's 243. Birthday is now upon us and what better way to celebrate Independence Day there with the red white and blue themed but they spread. Joining us this morning to show us how to do it in style of course is America's CEO. Chief entertaining officer and co author of the bourbon country cookbook. Tim Laird hit and you've come prepared as always chili which got. I got about Taylor ominous start out with an all American cocktail that's that's handouts they let it starts out of eleven acres at what I think this summer I think of lemonade or so. About four ounces of lemonade goes in credit and into that. In 1964. Congress declared Bergman as the unofficial American spirit so dot years later yeah it it's it is an American spirits I thought I'd use old Forester which was actually. America's. First model burba and saw many use eleven ounce and a half of that goes into my lemonade. Little and the real lesson to what Ron rice and then he goes in little Rosemary spears were fond of and I think. And then I grill lemons and it gives it a kind of a smoky little flavor to the cocktail. And then for an alcohol free version you can substitute iced tea for the old form. I've made one home I know you've got a lot of work to do so I've got shooting alcohol free versions so here's that the force is a liar xanax. Soon. Like why her mother and delicious and I think the grilled lemon adds a little just little fund based till. Since it all about growth fruit exactly where it's love and beverages. Keep it up but the red white and blue theme. I have a great salad this is a red white and blue being salad Atlanta to make it also there is great for picnics or take alongs all summer long. Starts out the red at got a little bit of that kidney beans okay you're put in the Catalonia the white. And then on that little black means it'll be our bloop. If you're doing a great job and got a half. Chopped red onion and cracked. That all goes in and a little bit of slump throwing and parsley I'll throw that just a little bit on top will give that'll stir feel like that help and don't. See all Harvey very easy in in the dressing. Is simply a little bit of apple cider vinegar a little olive oil we'll solemn pap Bernal simple syrup so very. Because see how easy this is to take to any picnics or perhaps for any side during the summer not this wasn't a lot of good already did times itself and you have of the utilities AC we have paid. And it just light refreshing can stay out all integrated beans I am this hot tea and to go with that red white and blue sliders and this is easy to ought say what idea. I got the red light blue comes from the garnish the blue and white eyes of the U blue cheese program and in the red is the tomato slice that what I do is I put flags on the ones that have achieved since Maine on it but I also serving with out that she's so I know a lot of guests. They want just the plain slider so yeah. All my guests are happy with his dash said. And then dessert this is one of my favorites and it looks foolish and you're gonna love this this is. Burba and soaked cherries. Bets placed on grilled pound cake and a little dollop of what cream. Here's how easy it is yeah I'll take the pound cake you'd buy that slice it. Put a little butter on the east side put it on the grill or grill pan for about a minute or two on each side. And then for the cherries you can use frozen or fresh so Camilla little worn symbols Europe and about two tablespoons of the old Forester let that marinate. And then you can pour my top of your pound cake hole is out with a little bit of whipped cream and it is still list as that alliance in big goods. Well my gosh and we are ready. For the fourth of July when these another great patriotic recipe ideas check out Kim's book suburban country cookbook as well as our website W and and fans that come. America CEO cheap entertaining officer Tim Laird. He's done it again. And thanks for joining us how people aren't having private life that you're watching world news now.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"America's CEO -- Chief Entertaining Officer -- Tim Laird dropped in to share some tasty recipes to compliment your Fourth of July celebration.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"64105364","title":"Independence Day recipes for entertaining at home","url":"/WNN/video/independence-day-recipes-entertaining-home-64105364"}