Inside Singapore's Marina Bay Sands Hotel

ABC News' Kendis Gibson heads to Singapore to explore the world's most photographed hotel and its jaw-dropping infinity pool.
6:17 | 05/23/18

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Transcript for Inside Singapore's Marina Bay Sands Hotel
All right it's time for lets the other the rich and candidates who can get her there yeah not bad OK so yesterday we took you on board one of the world's most sophisticated flying machines. With some. He could not so sophisticated. And Slater detainment. About work out was worth it. Because let me tell you when we landed I had to show off my summer but now at the world's largest rooftop infinity pool. It is one of the most recognizable hotels in the world. The majestic marina bay sands in Singapore. That's opening to what extent nearly every celebrity known to its program has been spotted here. Most capturing the rooftop Kennedy school. Seven stories above the city. If the cemeteries high above Singapore it is the most photographed pool in the entire world you'd think this is where they invented the term. I. A moment Decker place it's 8:30 in the morning. But I got to see an area of the hotel and few get to see this of course your higher roller word just. Tending to be a high rollers wow look at that. Presidential suite. Good afternoon welcome to rid of a sense thing. George rose the director of hotel operations and unfortunately for him today that means being mine tour guide for the sweet. They're so Iran president has absolutely and my teachers would. The presidential suite is a massive 5000 square foot three bedrooms four bathrooms that's just the beginning so. All the streets are equipped with. State of the art technology. Which like watching TV I would where where is it wrong. While. Pretty impressive. Attack a woman is now. Wait what's behind here but that's where your personal Butler is station. Mercy and Bob bubble that Willis is here is. But. Aren't these. Hanging out as always at your service that he's ready to go. For the observed. We're seeing our expectations everytime cool and hands and left we have our son's room as laws and helps place. Does that mean I have to work a did you stick with the world at lift growth kind of unbelievable. Celtic in Q1 of the veterans OK one of the three within this week. Not this will have Tibetans. Each room has its own private back of course yes bears quarterback Tyler. Amazing. If he's using toilet just automatically opens. For you witness a here's my second visit close automatically. I'll toss. And here we have the master street yeah with the master king size bed. And of course the view anime alchemy. Ends and just a small planes so well that helps. Sweet dreams KG but. Sonoma sweets you have a hasten her sink here we have a kids and her back room nights which that's. You're walking positives Mo. Your prisoners. Thank you. Behind everything was it. Beckett uses other way. As you can see the walls are cluttered with beautiful Arianna. Beautiful carpentry play with me as I don't want to get lots. Side hit the Candace. It was me. Because they carry the entire show. I just want it longer tough and shorter on side's. Case. And that's not a safe on the salon room. And select at a savior karaoke system karaoke to the left the last. BS in reference. We're. There's so when you think I love it. When we had some live music. Jolt. The property made up of three beautiful. Towers in twenty five's hundred rooms and suites. It's also known for its high end restaurants he's Congo and its American born chef. Jeff taken through one of their signature meals so about how best attacking this the so I would honestly don't mind as well yes and I'm over it pull some of the fish off the side. Pick up some of the prophet needles in his twenties about feeling fat and happy factor marina bays signature feature. The rooftop pool and garden sitting on top of the bridge towers like Noah's Ark or a spaceship has just landed there. It takes twenty minutes to swim from one end to the other the pool in addition to its on usual sky rise rooftop garden quickly becoming the most recognizable face in this entire city. No problem I guess I'll just use this customs impression the locals. Me three it's like a. Lifeguard.

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{"duration":"6:17","description":"ABC News' Kendis Gibson heads to Singapore to explore the world's most photographed hotel and its jaw-dropping infinity pool.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"55377834","title":"Inside Singapore's Marina Bay Sands Hotel","url":"/WNN/video/inside-singapores-marina-bay-sands-hotel-55377834"}