Jamie Foxx to Take on Martin Luther King Jr.

The Oscar winner will portray the civil rights leader in an Oliver Stone biopic.
3:53 | 10/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jamie Foxx to Take on Martin Luther King Jr.
-- -- any everyone started with quite an incredible career move for Jamie Foxx is set to play Martin Luther King Jr. in a new biopic by director Oliver Stone. He is no stranger to bio picks by the way and he won an Oscar for his portrayal of Ray Charles back in 2004 in the movie -- cell I'm looking forward to that one. Coast -- this believe apparently will -- the next season next seasonably will be its last says co creator and the series Ryan Murphy the season. Variety dot com this article and miles and setting the and they -- that's McCann comes latest show runner to -- that clear after the conclusion of the show what a shame when you're. You know the suicide of her the overcast rather -- -- had anything to do -- Maryland -- next season next year will be the final year. Brown -- all the information we're getting. Arts and want to show you really think picture this is that -- ever are very sexy Sophia heard aren't this in not much sex scene -- is this is. And that in Latin. Back 1990s to two years ago that she was nineteen years old just -- is how kids she says she posted this for all of her fans to see this -- she says this is her favorite Halloween picture avatar. -- at nineteen her son is. One month old -- she just about as actual -- And -- you know. Absolutely stunning and gorgeous the -- she apparently picked those up sometime later yeah. -- -- -- regret that did you see her Anthony's cell my guy like diet avenue in a new poll that thing for her Hasina and that reality that is unbelievable. No matter what else could she wears look at her there -- -- as -- -- -- I'll support a black T shirt and Bob well all over the place by the way that was taken. A year after she had married her high school sweetheart -- before she split from her high school sweetheart. And never try and now I know that was back in Colombia Tony two years they are now her son is torn in two years old obviously and and she's -- rising and rising star is an understatement when it Chakvetadze is into the -- -- one of the highest paid. Female Hispanic actresses out there. Bob Bob whom you settle while. Picks up in a minute just give me 12. And card actually he's trying to gather thoughts about this on this. Is -- more excited I don't like to do -- -- story so much I love this one. My personal favorite -- that god -- might well -- -- -- Since he cannot despair that remains that our latest itself be that she posed -- and on the Atkins Diet and she's been losing a lot of weight. Apparently Twitter went ballistic when she posts this a lot of our own fans thousands of Mike what do you Dylan -- -- you're -- mom now -- got a I don't get our. I give it two thumbs up I've kinda got in on the -- and kinda got -- on the Twitter and said heading home now he really coasted to the -- Cars he had -- -- the best. -- Twitter post he'd ever put a blanket and considering Chinese history with dizziness and -- in I think it's no racier than any other shot except for the fact that she's just blessed with certain. Asked to accept this is I can -- exactly get at the mom -- show survive if you don't get -- the mom that we showed yesterday who shows up her. Her -- yeah. At does -- shows up her -- -- -- her assets are -- -- in who've gotten famous doing sex tape doesn't she's got a shower body parts get relevant again. This year than any of them. Bikini but shot except for the fact that that you -- and are. Perrier really remember -- miss my -- yes god bless America.

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{"id":20608499,"title":"Jamie Foxx to Take on Martin Luther King Jr.","duration":"3:53","description":"The Oscar winner will portray the civil rights leader in an Oliver Stone biopic.","url":"/WNN/video/jamie-foxx-martin-luther-king-jr-20608499","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}