Josh Duggar Enters Treatment Center After Ashley Madison Scandal

Michele and Jim-Bob Duggar released a statement on Wednesday that said that their oldest son had checked himself in to a long-term treatment center.
3:51 | 08/27/15

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Transcript for Josh Duggar Enters Treatment Center After Ashley Madison Scandal
Okay back in the skate this morning following moralist Josh daalder he's the highest profile Ashley Madison user busted in the recent hacking in yesterday. In a statement just as parents Michelle and Jim Bob said to the oldest son has checked himself into a long term treatment center. They did not say what kind of tree mean he's seeking but it's likely related to his admitted infidelity and online addiction. Josh is parents also noted that his wife Anna is in counseling as well in a source close to the family told People Magazine that Anna has no intention at this time. To leave Josh we wish them all well. And this summer's hottest Hollywood friends it appears. To have blossom into creative collaboration Jennifer Lawrence and wish you are indeed making a movie together. Would it couldn't be true the actresses became fast friends after meeting only a couple months ago there were seen together in Martha's Vineyard. But they're not just vacationing together or they're also working together. Lawrence let the news slip during an interview with the New York Times saying the pair is almost done right wow we know there's such a cool duo light. With the port at this Lawrence also described herself and Schumer as quote. Being creative lead made for each other. No word yet on. What the project isn't sure is funny ago in your book so Smart and beautiful yet train wreck was hilarious likes it hot there's a great movie Yangtze have the the biggest actress star right now Jennifer Lawrence in. Biggest comedy star it's going to be big in big. Let's move along now to Miley Cyrus she was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night I don't know if you've got it but that's what you missed while she was wearing very colorful outfit. Why her successor you're matching them. Very nice of you to notice that had not much underneath seven sure you also notice it at a sequined cape like salt. Gap as the sixties that comforter nibbles but she also. In depth look at one point taking to the streets as a reporter. Asking people while undercover what he thought about my. I think she's starving for attention and that's what she's doing all crazy like that. That Egypt despite missing something somewhere in a hot publicly and he fell beside it it wildfires in his dual adults. If you came build it and act like Molly varsity have any health. No problem lies like Taylor Swift better. I like she has this Australian accent really view other accident and the look at fantastic yeah. Always heard according to recent web site survey mightily. The number one celebrity parents hope their kids that do not allowed to be the topic of harboring and as or should not just the flick Chiquita banana. You get your hopes that be amazed Sunday night and that wants to be entertaining them. Finally. Follow up to a story that we brought you a couple weeks ago here in the skinny superstar singer songwriter Ed Syrian. We've heard the who's getting this wild tattooed wild because the new paint job shared opted for was a giant lion across its chest. Sharon has other existing tattoos so people won't didn't really put it past him to do this yesterday. Should Boston is that guidance to Graham with the alliance suddenly he's had miraculously no wind and the caption. Was only joking about the line that's when he broke. They're lawless fans were questioning the singers taste. And they they breathe a sigh of relief because London like the lion but he said he was only joking about Joseph keep. And last night Schering posted another photo this one with a learning how visible on make up his caption revealing that at colorful light head. Was covered for a TV show apparently attached to his real. Does exist and I have always been wondering do you have any tattoos two of them. Do you really do what I think well let me get into dollar at a time.

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"Michele and Jim-Bob Duggar released a statement on Wednesday that said that their oldest son had checked himself in to a long-term treatment center.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33351644","title":"Josh Duggar Enters Treatment Center After Ashley Madison Scandal","url":"/WNN/video/josh-duggar-enters-treatment-center-ashley-madison-scandal-33351644"}