Justin Bieber Tries to Win Back Selena Gomez

The teen pop star may be back with his longtime girlfriend after breaking up.
3:46 | 11/20/12

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Transcript for Justin Bieber Tries to Win Back Selena Gomez
-- to this candy every Latin. Yet so I may soon siblings a lot of our producers. Student that the until that significant until they say Justin Bieber has been trying to win -- Gomez since they come out and Jack wanted to -- -- -- Breaking news that morning cannot leave getting flooded Justin Bieber has been trying to win back Selena Gomez his hands and she broke up with them. And apparently they're they're split sell on Friday they tried to reconnect and that date lasted all of maybe fifteen minutes before she stormed out of the restaurant -- the California. Well apparently at the -- you know he took his mother as his date. And sources are saying is -- looks great by the -- she did look great sources say that though that Bieber and Gomez were spotted walking hand in hand -- -- -- -- the Nokia Theater in LA where the awards show was held so it looks like they might be back. Together and also. Jenny McCarthy had a broke the news last night she says -- -- she treated as my -- Justin Bieber brought his acceptable. And beautifully -- beauty -- to the AMA after party guests and back on the -- After she kissed him on stage anyone in Warsaw that she grabbed -- time. Larry nice case for getting the day's news just in that that's moved nicely and I -- here -- quick Lindsay Lohan shocking win back in the headlines again this morning according to TMZ. She's about -- her probation revoked. -- going to be charged with a criminal offense of lying to a police officer. They -- -- the story she told cops a Santa Monica that she was not driving her course last June when it slammed into an eighteen Wheeler there on the Pacific Coast Highway but the fact -- -- She was driving at the time and -- -- the -- about it which is a crime so we're told her team Zia should say he's been told the criminal case will be filed soon more. Legal woes for everyone's favorite actress Lindsay -- And well -- still legal was let's trying to -- -- don't walk through this elevate as now the story about how low and that famous -- Kevin Clash. Who -- who is the voice of -- -- Well there was a story they came out initially found that from. Gentlemen is that when he was sixteen he had sex with with Kevin -- when he was a minor. So this story comes out and many recanted and says now I was in my twenties -- -- out. Yeah after getting no 125000. Dollar deal from that -- Kevin Clash is Sheldon Stevens -- his name has now recanted that story again he's going back to the original story. And saying that yes it did indeed happen when he was. Sixteen and dad Kevin Clash the voice -- now has been a leave of absence from Sesame Street since that story broke. Last week doesn't Dallas. It was kind of -- doesn't pass the smell test plus we sentencing a few days ago. That that the accuser here has a pretty a lengthy criminal rest. Himself so you know inevitably but he can't yes exactly -- the story -- fishing and I don't play -- 125000. Dollar offer that and maybe that's not -- -- guess what the situation from Jersey jury -- that -- and you. Seconds ago he may we've seen this mistake before is trying to tweet out his number two his latest lady love. It actually tweeted out his number two is one million followers -- Live on the air we're actually gonna call the situation between bell this number Philly that -- is still up. So -- -- it I'm gonna put it on speaker Tom call this number right here. The Jackson arranged a little shady here to nine some six but I think it's of 56. -- -- -- -- -- lot of talk -- situation. We will have this have to get back from break because an answer before those on leave this can voicemail -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":17766034,"title":"Justin Bieber Tries to Win Back Selena Gomez","duration":"3:46","description":"The teen pop star may be back with his longtime girlfriend after breaking up.","url":"/WNN/video/justin-bieber-win-back-selena-gomez-17766034","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}