Kim Kardashian vs. the FDA

The Food and Drug Administration warned the reality star for promoting a morning sickness drug.
3:28 | 08/12/15

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Transcript for Kim Kardashian vs. the FDA
Bullying is out this morning no stranger to this getting him card that's yet she's used to her detractors but. She's now facing and in usual opponent. The Food and Drug Administration but before you get to that here's in his latest in mr. Graham post. So calling an attempt to prove that she is indeed pregnant it's actually the most revealing self ever going completely unique in for its that's sort of no truck on an Alex. The we have but the world news now those are her open that was that we do what we have notoriety away it is writes for the self but. It's not that photo though that the FDA taking issue with its. This one she's promoting in the morning sickness drug that clean gets the paid spokesperson. The FDA says that Ken's claims were quote false and misleading claim to communicate Annie failing to communicate any risk. Information and omitting material facts. Jim's original post has since been deleted. Singing sensation meg and trainer has some rather disappointing news to share with the fans the rest of her North American tour is now counsel. Trainers lips may be moving but there won't be much sound coming out of them for some time. The powerhouse. Of music will undergo surgery after a second vocal cord hemorrhage of this summer she took to social media apologizing to her fans. Saying she is determined to do what it takes to get better and come back even stronger than after the boy that is a disappointment for so many fans are you one of them. I think she's to rent back. And I love her message about body image as she looks out at great interview with Dan Harris of Nightline exemption worth looking up online. Just about. All about that base. Fellow singer Sam Smith of recently underwent surgery on his vocal cords prompting a tore cancellation and leading to his realization that he actually needed a break to spend more time with his family. Okay that Sharon has proven himself to be a Renaissance man showing off a diverse group of talents and interests and you can add ink kind of source back. It has over a hundred tattoos but his latest that is getting a lot of attention after he posted the work in progress. Dance a Graham Vick a look at it. That's the line there across his chest. NC has plenty of details that what do you think of this decent though maybe T so apparently it's only halfway done. Sharing caption the shot with. A little message Hathaway and I don't should other tattoos including Teddy bear Lego building block and ketchup bottle is that right got to catch a bottle and when you. That in but I like that really moved its spiritual body you know it's it's art that allowed to that's pretty cool Oilers have a mustard touching. Relish relishing the relish affect the whole thing you know we'll stick around we'll figure out where that had to put up. That there's a tease right there finally some very big news for fans of Christopher Guest. And his cult classic comedies the filmmaker and actor is back added with the new movie in the. After starring in this is spinal half. Guest revolutionized them documentary style with. Favorites like best in show waiting for gusts that and a mighty wind bringing together ensemble cast of comedic all stars he hasn't made a movie. Since 2006. But yesterday it was announced at mascots will be the next original film for Netflix. The plot will be centered around the grueling grind of mascot competition and I have been amassed up before that that she's we will talk about that a little bit later.

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"The Food and Drug Administration warned the reality star for promoting a morning sickness drug.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33032612","title":"Kim Kardashian vs. the FDA","url":"/WNN/video/kim-kardashian-fda-33032612"}