Meet the Rose family

If you haven't already binged 'Schitt's Creek' but this year's Emmys sweep has piqued your interest, ABC’s Will Ganss has your crash course.
2:07 | 09/22/20

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Transcript for Meet the Rose family
Did you go with her to Bloomingdale's. Friends didn't do it. How to take the reservation you just don't know how to hold. And mosques until reserved a spot of its own and sitcom history a little comedy from Canada is the one that shattered all the records at this year's annual. I can't where did you come from sweeps creek as we're calling it becoming the most winning comedy ever in one season at the end. Picking up. Nine wins and sweeping all of the major acting categories the show will air in full on Comedy Central beginning October 2 and that same week. Netflix will release its sixth. And final season so if you want to steep onto the bandwagon here's what you need to now. The rose Finley played by Eugene and Dan Levy Catherine O'Hara and Eddie Murphy have to move to a small town after their family fortune is whittled away. The show written in a world where there's no place for ignorance. Yes to you're just really open to all wines I thought why not the label some intense boy ever rose a former Hollywood hotshot. Hello Laura wrote I'm Bellman televisions while rose and her family navigating small town life. Let's get to John doling out gift after gift this morning let's check on this saint Nicholas. Realizing that their money isn't the be all end all family aides to show exploding in popularity after humble beginnings. A small budget that never really grew over six seasons didn't what is this. Fans falling in love with the rose family just like the television academy did this year. It was celebration of inclusive that he had cast the geisha and of homophobia. And a declaration. Of the power of glum. As for the future of the rose family Dan Levy says that he gets a great idea he's totally open to working on a movie he says he hopes that. An idea pops into his head soon because he wants to work with the cast and crew again. ASAP. Winning girth crop we want it we want that movie so bad that I love it you've got to watch all that I got to watch out are around and trying to figure what we're appreciate it.

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{"duration":"2:07","description":"If you haven't already binged 'Schitt's Creek' but this year's Emmys sweep has piqued your interest, ABC’s Will Ganss has your crash course.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"73163259","title":"Meet the Rose family","url":"/WNN/video/meet-rose-family-73163259"}