Mountain lion attack

A little boy in Colorado miraculously survives a vicious attack from a cougar in his backyard. ABC News' Will Ganss has all the dramatic details.
3:01 | 09/09/19

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Transcript for Mountain lion attack
Or. We are reminded almost daily about the dangers of humans crossing paths with Wyle life from charts in the ocean to Beers in the woods and this morning the terrifying tale of one little boy. Attacked by a Mountain Lion. Began hearing that story so scared well so scary good morning to you guys and good morning to all of view. Cougar attacks are incredibly rare gear more likely to drown in a bathtub or be killed by a pet dog can be attacked by Mountain Lion. That's exactly what happened to one little boy in Colorado. I didn't. The Carlson family has always loved living in the mountains. As hills I look at that concern and an attractive to me. So they're familiar with the wildlife that inhabits their backyard. And seen fox and including eight year old pike Carlson my Nona and that has slowly have they all. Soledad Natalie Slinger mountaineering. Until August when he first pike playing on the trampoline with his older brother. Running to talk to a neighbor when he saw the big tax. Thailand may yet for how it pound stung me and Meehan and earning roared down a hill. His older brother going for help and dad came running into the woods. Armed with only a pocket knife. And it was just. Chewing on him. And that's who that that's the motion and I picked up and that's what made me snap all you know is that your child is in danger. Then you can't wreck that continue. In you're gonna do whatever it takes to take care. In outlined took off but not before cracking the eight year old skull jaw and orbital bone requiring 62 staples. The doctor that. Swedish hospital or rule needs. I can still waiting for surgery on a silent but his spirits seem unfazed. Flag as well as that I can see about. Out of necking then it's dead. I'm very proud of moved here my own son amazes me and how he he handled it. He's a good good strong in his or her little boy has got a beautiful smile and I'm glad he got that back he's always smiling. The Carlson Bentley is now trying to avoid being outside alone and they're warning their neighbors to start carrying pepper spray. And we says they're grateful this attack wasn't worse. On such a strong. Spirit that little boy had asked and he still got a sense of humor yeah. It is great east he said he telling his friends not to get in a fight with an outline because they cheat. I picked up early go to galleries and community. That's while they are I'm Gladys going there from so you're here at 62 stitches wow and they say. When it comes a mountain lions fight. Don't beat him at don't play that helped look big yeah opinion I do well you've got to do fired off Barry.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"A little boy in Colorado miraculously survives a vicious attack from a cougar in his backyard. ABC News' Will Ganss has all the dramatic details.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"65478493","title":"Mountain lion attack","url":"/WNN/video/mountain-lion-attack-65478493"}