NASA astronauts’ discuss historic splashdown

ABC's Reena Roy reports on their risky return.
1:56 | 08/03/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NASA astronauts’ discuss historic splashdown
Now to the dramatics washed down for two NASA astronauts back on earth after their historic mission we're learning about their risky return. And a prank phone calls they made ABC green Roy has more. This morning new DT yells about the dramatic splashdown. Dragon endeavor has returned home after two NASA astronauts re turning to earth inside the SpaceX dragging endeavor. The first commercially built and operated spacecraft to carry people to end from orbit. Five hours ago we were bobbing around in the Gulf of Mexico a nineteen hour journey back from the space station for astronauts Bob banking and Doug Hurley. Fast bumpy and hot. We're not gonna stand right now for those of you have done this before you know it's not pleasant standing for a few hours after get back. Peak heat entering dissent was 3500. Degrees this space craft traveling from 171000. Miles per hour in orbit. To just fifteen miles per hour before splashing down in the Gulf of Mexico welcome back to play editor and thanks for clients SpaceX. This court stent blistered capsule hoisted above a recovery ship as locals raced in their own votes to get a view maybe next time we shouldn't. Announce our landing them and this morning Hurley revealing how he and banking pass the time during that half hour waiting to be pulled out of the capsule in the gulf. As they sent five hours ago we are in a spaceship bobbing around making prank satellite phone calls to whoever we can get ahold of which was kind of fun by the way currently then turning toward billionaire and SpaceX owner Ilan months you can send him the bill for the sat phone. NASA and SpaceX are planning their next launch for next spring. The parent for that mission will be Jenkins wife Maggie make Arthur who is also an astronaut. Can it Mona. Some breeding kennel.

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{"duration":"1:56","description":"ABC's Reena Roy reports on their risky return.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"72143225","title":"NASA astronauts’ discuss historic splashdown","url":"/WNN/video/nasa-astronauts-discuss-historic-splashdown-72143225"}