Old Navy Reunites Griswolds

In a new advertising campaign, the clothing store brings back the "Christmas Vacation" family.
3:52 | 11/27/12

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Transcript for Old Navy Reunites Griswolds
I don't know about you guys out there what my favorite holiday loses time -- -- nationally -- -- Christmas vacation I just think it's hysterical laugh every time -- that -- 4000 times. Well apparently old navy. Bless their heart they're getting into the beginning of family back to know. I -- nearly three years after the original movie. For a new ad for some interest in -- and old ladies putting out there the seasons of the other Griswold back together they got Clark could Chevy Chase Beverly -- As well as Juliette Lewis who played the daughter in the movie two to get back to in the do this commercials and take -- -- Let me do the general thing. It's okay for does not them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah there you see that this lighting up to 101000 families juvenile level bands what Clark close out about federal. -- -- -- I love that resort island let me get this two those -- is -- -- back together in October for the twenty ninth anniversary of national anthems. Vacation the original movie which is -- saved some lives it is all back together. Love that movie. Do you question half men I've gotten. -- -- -- -- -- -- Played by the little -- get a little -- today and -- teens to want you to stop watching it kind of made that he he stars on the show wants out of it he -- He came to the conclusion of taking an evangelism classic got as good he's just became really convicted that the show was filled. He posted this on the YouTube channel he was sitting -- next to his seventh date. Adventist pastor named Christopher Hudson and take a listen to what he had to -- about two and half men. Yeah man means nothing he is nonexistent. Use. And a man who wants to and a man -- Washington. On. -- -- -- He -- about doing the head was filled please. Please stop filling your head with. He's been on the show since he was young 2003 making 350000. Dollars an episode but he says he wants to leave the show. No comment yet from stories happens he's warning against watching it and after he's made his millions of dollars so fast. Eight nods and he's maybe an entirely fascinating how actively donate and the Atlantic we can only hope we'll -- that comes to pass the CBS have fun with that little passage. All right well I had a big day yesterday that was -- Good Morning America -- -- alive hit on the something about the Casey Anthony case. But it was a big it is Lisa Keyes was performing select a -- after the show was over I waited a long way. You get a picture you did with the lovely ms. -- -- idea at a personal FaceBook to folks. That's a great comments but. I would -- what is -- folks know what their Christmas came early middle age and -- was his lovely. Pretty and sweet as she is talented she sounded great so -- -- a big moment yesterday down the Times Square studio thank you -- she is. She's still in my -- -- diamond loving give and give us what that out there is sent to actually your holiday card that's a preview of I always. I -- so quickly that 3.5 million -- did before Lindsay Lohan performance of Elizabeth Taylor in the Liz and Dick and lifetime only 3.5 apparently. She -- sources at the Huffington Post say -- friends say she wasn't prepared for the harsh criticism she's devastated by the response to the film's Hollywood reporter comparing. The -- Joba to -- SNL skit. Others say that sheets was sleepwalking through scenes.

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{"id":17816230,"title":"Old Navy Reunites Griswolds","duration":"3:52","description":"In a new advertising campaign, the clothing store brings back the \"Christmas Vacation\" family.","url":"/WNN/video/navy-reunites-griswolds-17816230","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}