NYC Crash Kills Expectant Parents, Baby

Police say the driver of a BMW slammed into the car with expecting parents, both 21.
2:18 | 03/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NYC Crash Kills Expectant Parents, Baby
Heartbreaking accident which killed two expecting parish. They're baby boy is in the hospital expected to survive even though he was born prematurely. And police are searching for that hit and run driver here's WABC's. Lucy Yang. What should have been the most -- of times turned into the most tragic of times. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- These are the coffins for Nathan and -- Glover both were 21 and about to become first time parents and just to. Amazing people to -- lovely people who. We've lost two little lovely people it was just after midnight crazy six months pregnant -- -- feeling well so they called a cab to take into the hospital. While trying to make a left hand turn we're told this -- BMW's slammed into the black car service. Crazy one flying rescue workers found her weak on the road her lifeless body under this trailer. Crews rushed her corpse to the hospital where they delivered her beautiful baby boy. Born and abortion on this cold and cruel night -- the father was pronounced dead at the scene as for the cab driver who was spared. He told me he doesn't remember a thing. -- songs without. Detective's report the driver of the BMW and a female passenger fled on foot leaving a young couple dead. And this that -- community dealing with mourning. And anger. Give yourself probably indicating a little leave the -- So at least -- mode that you're not a coward police tell me the owner of the BMW was not driving the car at the time of the accident. Lucy Yang ABC news New York. Just such a such a sad sad story this happened in an ultra orthodox Jewish community -- very tight knit community so that the grief. I guess in some ways -- the. Extra -- -- they have each of them only on that's right and also as far as why they were in -- -- as opposed to being in an ambulance the mom wasn't feeling well but it wasn't time. For her to go into labor so they didn't think that she would go into labor and they weren't there for in the cabin set of an ambulance. So is something at -- so many levels does this story is terrible I'm the baby was delivered via C section and is right now in serious condition that. We're praying that -- --

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{"id":18645986,"title":"NYC Crash Kills Expectant Parents, Baby","duration":"2:18","description":"Police say the driver of a BMW slammed into the car with expecting parents, both 21.","url":"/WNN/video/nyc-crash-kills-expectant-parents-baby-survives-18645986","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}