NYPD's Message for Apple Users

Police hand out fliers encouraging device owners to upgrade to iOS7.
2:52 | 09/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NYPD's Message for Apple Users
Attack the next and meet new apple operating system Iowa seven getting some strange public relations from the NYPD. Fidelity is suffering I have not you know actually -- heard there were few blogs I just wanna be what most people just -- to make sure like NAFTA thing doesn't blow up. -- and I had to shoot the police here in New York want everybody to download it not because they're. Fall into the Iowa seven so much as they are not into chasing down criminals. And it's a persistent problem on the subway and on the streets it's one of the biggest things that's -- -- -- -- -- have people stealing people's iphones right after they handed their walking on the street. So the Iowa seven system apparently did the cops are handing out fliers saying that. This is going to make you more secure they say by downloading this new operating system if he gets lost or stolen -- can't be reprogrammed without an apple -- your password. -- say that that he can't stop the original owner from being able to relocate it. So the police are all about IOS -- fingerprinting yes right -- exactly right and nothing good thing is so basically they will be. Can download from Iowa seven NYPD wanted to I think we'll probably -- all over America we'll feel the same. So are you like -- -- from going to restaurants and hearing someone else's conversation. You -- the gets really that it can be annoying I'm doing right well there is a new restaurant in Brooklyn then that shut company they're often shot -- -- He suffers silent check yourself on your Blackberry. In the door he -- -- -- you can't even talk to the person you're eating what you've got to enjoy your pasta. And if you do talk to take your plate away -- relieve your plate as -- -- you know we signing up you actually can't talk via got to go. So some some people are. Are taken up this I don't I don't think I I think dinner conversation them until he -- -- -- apparently one guy said that it was almost like being fifty and hunting with the white you've been married to for. But I don't know let me could be refreshing in this guy actually was talking about -- read the article about and he said that out by halfway through he actually started to like the idea have a nice quietly. I may need to get used to it it's not like it would drive me nuts and it I would talk nice moment. Yet they are -- removed that's how they do it and yet kicked out how high. This is -- -- -- men in black bear that little and their allies of thing that makes you forget also the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind it's that movie but apparently this. New. Gene that they've discovered is almost out of that movie basically scientists have found this gene called -- one. And they say that by working with this -- they could probably make people forget. Painful memories and they tested on mice who have been shocked -- going to cages for sure sounds yeah. But the ones that had the gene manipulated weren't afraid of the cage that was scary to them anymore they think with post traumatic stress syndrome even addiction. They -- work of this gene and people might forget things they want to remember.

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{"id":20342517,"title":"NYPD's Message for Apple Users","duration":"2:52","description":"Police hand out fliers encouraging device owners to upgrade to iOS7.","url":"/WNN/video/nypds-message-apple-users-20342517","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}