Patriotic painter

Meet the artist known for his dedication to the red, white, and blue. ABC’s Will Ganss talks to Scott LoBaido about his all-American art ahead of July Fourth.
2:47 | 07/02/20

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Transcript for Patriotic painter
For so many nothing says America so much that's the image of cold warrior himself in this morning we're meeting a special artist who has devoted his career to hunt early that flag. From sea to shining seeing slogans here now with Morgan morning. I think it morning Scott libido have set a Guinness world record for awhile. For being the largest American flag in the world in ten years after that his lot of his love for old glory still stand strong. It doesn't take a degree in art history to understand the poll interior of Scotland NATO. I'm a patriot I'm an American artist I found my patriotic calling. The Staten Island based artist is known for painting old glory all over the country on Holmes scars fire houses police stations you name he also painted this massive mural all 150000. Square feet of it. On a rooftop in Houston Texas June and July 2000 and zen in Houston Texas. It was a who didn't thirty degrees that eight years now almost three decades it do you read this type or. What are some more. As usual class you've got one model said while keeping the flag normally would be that would be ideal that would be great would be you know kind of sexy but also. And I know. As much as I would like to which got really likes giving back to veterans. Portions of all his proceeds going back into charities that aid those who have served in the armed forces Scott saying his greatest joys as an artist come from helping disabled veterans and when his art unites folks on both sides of the ideal which he says isn't always easy you flying east acts. Your art is more. Now. Where we're at as a country and his lady street. He is my calling. To use might get my artistic. To shine light on what's good that America. You know to pop it is and that fled there to me is very important so important in fact that he's painted murals of the flag in all fifty states. Person of the week we Charlie Gibson naming him person of the week more than a decade ago because of that. I'm a crazy. New York City August. These days his commitment to the red white and blue is still shines just does right. Fireworks on the fourth of July. I've seen the Sistine Chapel I flirted with the Mona Lisa rent or face the patient cry I cry at these masses but the greatest work or to meet. Is this hospital. Scott says this time of year is his Super Bowl in the fourth of July is his favorite day but somehow he still felt the time to open his own gallery. This whole neighborhood of Staten Island. Incredible story well thank you.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"Meet the artist known for his dedication to the red, white, and blue. ABC’s Will Ganss talks to Scott LoBaido about his all-American art ahead of July Fourth.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"71573084","title":"Patriotic painter","url":"/WNN/video/patriotic-painter-71573084"}