Paula Faris Celebrates a Year on 'World News Now'

For anchor's one-year anniversary, a review of surprising moments.
2:58 | 01/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Paula Faris Celebrates a Year on 'World News Now'
Hello I'm happy anniversary and on the anniversary I'm happy and members -- Happy anniversary of the original and -- very special drawing nearer. World news now are Steve -- one year anniversary on the show congratulations. And yeah and that's seem to have a chance to see what it looked like when I was sleeping about a year ago -- and you'll see all -- many different -- here to use to because it's been a great year filled with. A lot lot of highs and a lot of let's -- slalom -- that -- reaction. Welcome what's so great dad if they had some fun. That's right you're at it tell about a day later -- Now she's here how in the world. It is -- houses here. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah disrespect my accountant -- I'll go online find out -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Some -- now here's the Sox out I think we shouldn't get collecting some mild flu. We -- roared ahead here -- trying to. -- -- -- -- -- yeah yeah rob and I let a little bit of our youth and getting into them prominent news. -- believe -- not -- at -- we're actual prom dress that is my god awful dancing. Look anywhere that you some nice night ripped it seemed try to get outside he's going to -- just to hold it together. It's about what a beautiful couple beautiful photo of him and linens and build memories and some wonderful and -- -- -- deficit heading we had some voice it was I love love the look yeah Marty seeing an. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think thank you can't wonderfully -- -- memorable I'm ground tonight Larry and -- -- -- way you. Hair shorter than a -- and how -- how -- you can.

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{"id":18113198,"title":"Paula Faris Celebrates a Year on 'World News Now'","duration":"2:58","description":"For anchor's one-year anniversary, a review of surprising moments.","url":"/WNN/video/paula-faris-celebrates-year-world-news-now-18113198","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}