Peekaboo: A Girl Makes a Friend With Her Reflection

A new viral video shows a toddler reacting to her reflection.
2:42 | 08/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Peekaboo: A Girl Makes a Friend With Her Reflection
And now it's time for the -- so there is incredible story about this adorable little hot there I love this. We'll bring me some me time to a new level and. -- how she's playing peek a boo with herself. She sees a reflection right -- in the window. He just -- their own best Brad -- they wrote. And Dennis was put up it's since August 4 has got half a million views and it was captured my daughter made a friend -- -- -- -- Her pink socks and says she's looking for Christmas gift. -- it go for your -- got a mere that'll be -- easy editing and it hurts that you are but we got out this could take the -- for inspiring story of the day this is the young baseball player from North Carolina. Dawson bats -- got a -- for baseball -- twelve yourself and and look at that some help one arm -- right arm was born out his left arm -- it has some serious power. And can get what is look at this this is at a baseball turned -- over the weekend. And he. It's all there initiatives for space but this guy says Dawson says he wants but it NC state accounted essentially wants to play Red Sox -- What a great story we are cheering you on buddy way to go gossip I love -- saying. -- daddies and daughters happens next -- -- okay. And it's pretty cool when you -- YouTube at ten years old didn't look again rap song for your dad. Yeah. That's called kicking it with my daddy it's got 121000. -- And she just -- -- battered down pat it's an original rap song for her -- she's pretty pretty talented and it got it over yet. That's possible ten years old -- years old -- finally we got to wrap this up with a modern day message in a bottle this is a pretty cool new app that's just out. It's called slaying and the new apple send a text. Video or photo that you composed to fifty random people how do you put it in the after it sends out to fifty -- had no idea who they are. The other person opens it up and if they like your message or whatever randomly comes and they can respond -- -- personal information has been out I'm David. But who knows where the conversation we'll go -- -- fat if it is like a modern day message in the bottle bring your ice. It. Yes don't put anything to step up. You never know we're going up and pop. -- -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"A new viral video shows a toddler reacting to her reflection.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"24875581","title":"Peekaboo: A Girl Makes a Friend With Her Reflection","url":"/WNN/video/peekaboo-girl-makes-friend-reflection-24875581"}