Which Phones are Truly Waterproof?

ABC News Technology Editor Joanna Stern shows which phones still work when wet.
4:18 | 08/06/13

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Transcript for Which Phones are Truly Waterproof?
All right welcome to the world news now fish -- everybody. -- -- Mid summer and spending a lot of time in the water up the beach on the pool being silly I think it's like Sarajevo flash badger and I'm not getting -- Just hanging out chiropractic of its would relieve my backstroke right. Nothing can ruin the summer fun faster than dropping your phone into the drink it's horrible I've done this before but fret not. Help is here we are joined by ABC technology editor Joanna stern good morning Joanna. Nice to be here I had dropped my phone not last not this year but two Summers ago is the Jersey Shore I was only in like a foot water Arabs just feeling around like I don't I'd drop down to pick up the shell and sure enough the pocket of my -- to get where Michael was got wet. And things -- You say you have some help us. Yes and I for that story many -- yes but if you had any of these new -- -- -- -- one of these to you when you have that problem because both of them are waterproof. Any scenario they are waterproof really wipers let's start with that -- this is so much fun this is the galaxy had everybody -- really wants to do just let the -- do it does do it just do it really. Now -- more active. Still don't have a say it's gonna be -- -- for thirty minutes up to three feet time limit on this one so this is very Sony Xperia -- And again the -- -- on that thirty. He walked three feet thirty minutes past just amazing -- and can't say take my word for it. There it is there were going to be I'll -- and the good thing about is is that there are fully powered android phones they're fast violence. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- but if you don't -- -- it waterproof phone you can buy it some of these new cases which -- rape case it's nice and -- 2000 look so goofy right a lot of people think they're almost as you -- period cases and an -- using this as a screen protector on looks -- -- is called the -- proof. Free thinking this is my personal life as an agreement now that I paid 600 dollars for the fact can't. Wow already this is commitment here is even more committed even more -- I got to see you meet the and it that's my front awesome how much is the case that case is eighty dollars but but it's saying six -- -- about it this little. Do contraption. Yes this costs forty dollars also from life proof -- -- -- a little lifeboat for exactly what this is great -- even for taking underwater pictures because it's that waterproof. -- actually took some photos under water this morning at the beach. He's a fantastic products yet. We're going -- -- works great. So I'll bet they are they make this also for the galaxy S three and -- -- android phones similar pricing on all the cases fantastic. But the thing is -- both of those is that the -- -- a little bit chunky. Little not so bad but a little but yes Iraq it's not us like. But with a new type of service they actually put a waterproof coating on your phone and it looks exactly the -- I've seen a viral video sort of does this affect we talked about it they base somehow spray it what's exactly so this is this as service public what -- -- -- -- from your phone to -- a variety of funds. Android phones -- phones tablet -- April apply this water repellent coating the -- -- -- -- Drew -- if you hear exactly like -- -- you'd never know Europe yet who write and show. You don't notice the difference but and and they don't say it's fully waterproof but they say if you get -- water should be fine so -- toilet. Should be fine it's mostly about this black belt you make it quick or -- so you're not writing you're not yet you don't want to ask him fate but it's -- just we will never forget about this one -- -- attempt. And -- -- entered let's say it's good -- folks. Like T vague about. Really outfits. It is -- it lit up. Perez I think it may or -- -- -- we're gonna have to do this segment over again -- This stuff -- yeah so this person some nice things I mean if you drop your phone in the pool now if it's not the best solution but. These things that we do your outstanding all right -- thank you so much from -- details about these gadgets you can go to our FaceBook paired up. W and and fans -- the -- dot com.

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{"id":19879150,"title":"Which Phones are Truly Waterproof?","duration":"4:18","description":"ABC News Technology Editor Joanna Stern shows which phones still work when wet.","url":"/WNN/video/phones-waterproof-19879150","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}