Play-Doh Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Play-Doh turns 60 and Hasbro's artists make a special gift for the ABC News anchors!
2:39 | 09/16/16

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Transcript for Play-Doh Celebrates 60th Anniversary
This morning a world news now. Braves. They're better than the real ones. In case you haven't check your calendar. Is world. Uday. There are more alive than the real thing I would say I love this so played well made it plain old versions of us to celebrate. There's this holiday and we are absolutely fascinated. Aikman world news gnome homes there that if they have panels on the night. Do so this is. It's a big anniversary for plate of sixty years and this is. Fascinating thing that they did for us take a look at how it all took place the time lapse video of the amazing artists in New Jersey who took some seven. Hours. The content to re create us on the world news now set the game I'd rather an everything you know little did they give me pretty good cast. So Hasbro's iconic brand turns 68 in 1956. Hasn't played a came out. More than three billion cans of play go have been sold since across. Eighty countries and where China sea it's. We're to replicate what can I do have some now. There are meant to mean that says it's now we lengthy question and that it's up spend seven hours and there are experts exactly and we of course are not at all expert Newton and don't have. Seven hours but I ever going to do. And pinion power under arrest here Anita later color and rent ice it try to make your shirt what number that's see what McNamee distant. And use freest. And CA's seventeen don't have they don't quite have been Caesar don't play don't let aliens to just leave for college days to spew red and blue yellow and white yet. In other. More than fifty more than believe that its. Colors are hot. And all really is is really just it's just water soft and flour and something great to seated and that I don't know what I'm doing this so there's Cologne. By the fragrance library that is sent to do like played out Halloran again a case that your eyes the smell is kind of the spell check. I find via doesn't like the second you smile played you know Henry what it is he. The vote send me your your liver organize your ears like a little bit like like princess land route those are those of the. I don't mind like Obama ears yeah. I think that this is yeah. But his venom heading it is that I got ahead. I'm.

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{"id":42133803,"title":"Play-Doh Celebrates 60th Anniversary ","duration":"2:39","description":"Play-Doh turns 60 and Hasbro's artists make a special gift for the ABC News anchors!","url":"/WNN/video/play-doh-celebrates-60th-anniversary-42133803","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}