Pregnant Kim Kardashian Shows Off Belly

The socialite posted a photo of her baby bump on Instagram.
4:10 | 04/08/13

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Transcript for Pregnant Kim Kardashian Shows Off Belly
I tap the skinny and let's talk about Kim Kardashian she's got the baby bump. I -- and she's not afraid to show a -- seeing -- the -- -- 32 year old court. Kim Kardashian married at the answer -- on Saturday with the motors -- belly there posting a snapshot of herself. Well he's gonna -- -- she always looks good. Maybe love was the caption she wrote alongside the picture there in -- it just think she's talking to Jay Leno. About the baby's name and she said that she thought it would be cool to name the kid Easton -- what's lacking is kind of cool name. And -- old accomplishments that does that that that's a male name obviously. And she's she wouldn't go there -- -- stalled out now OK well in west maybe who -- Unless all right well we do now and again -- another soon to be celebrity baby and actually we just got the confirmation on that's how -- Barry says -- Is pregnant I guess it's three months pregnant three months she says it is of bullying this -- is so. -- she is expecting with her fiance French actor Olivier Martinez. Oh that this will be her second child she has that beautiful fight year old daughter and -- -- -- when you come from those -- humidity beautiful -- yet politically. Got your moms -- -- your dad looks like that. Let's just hope for no drama this hammer out whoever's there that big brawl in wasn't last year Thanksgiving time. Between her fiance and the flyers -- your daughter and has yet. Big things so it was a pop. -- incidents recently I believe was in France just shameless last week so yeah. Hopefully this is less drama with the kids. So what Tom Arnold we got a whole sort of daddy mommy dvd I think it'll go -- moral. Becomes the first time father at the age of 54. God and apparently -- -- -- become -- -- for the first time at age 54 years old is wife Ashley 37 welcome the new arrival on Saturday. They took Twitter and the former Roseanne star said looking forward to being a seventy year old Little League coach. -- 54 years old -- baby was the first for Tom and Ashley they married back in 2009 in November but everybody knows him from being married to grow. Yes of course he confirmed that the baby is avoid Jack's Coppola novelty -- born. Weighing eight pounds twelve ounces so lots and lots of tweets from. His friends Maria Shriver Arnold Schwarzenegger some good luck to him. I think some of the third marriage for him and he was saying that he's had some infertility troubles and so he said it was it was god willing that he wasn't able to have children. Which I guess those other -- a little dig in there too with sharing his news little bit. All right so -- -- here's the other story we're veering away from the baby news of the morning to talk about McDonald's. So there's this big W -- the event on Saturday that is yes at Madison Square Garden. The injuries Donald -- he comes out and -- how to. Start doing and they just keep on going the whole time he's talking he can't even been running an airline we. County fire somebody. And it. I don't know -- may be wrestling crowd that is dying to lose somebody knowing that I don't know still are so bad he had to cut speech short. He wouldn't leave before he introduced his one of -- -- came out. And -- -- -- to. Man -- -- -- -- -- except. When he then brought out his daughter Yvonne -- came out I know who's. She got cheers she flat that they cheer but they didn't -- you know -- hot check objects of course I think I mean I don't know I think a wrestling crowd -- -- -- -- Home. I. Is not that I wonder. I can't imagine but yet -- I -- he had to leave out of an emergency exit. That hope that. Let me get booed by that many. We have thousands of people at a rally people Wear their red -- -- gotten pretty big -- find an act. I don't know that I had he won't be doing any more wrestling --

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{"id":18908122,"title":"Pregnant Kim Kardashian Shows Off Belly","duration":"4:10","description":"The socialite posted a photo of her baby bump on Instagram.","url":"/WNN/video/pregnant-kim-kardashian-shows-off-belly-18908122","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}