President Obama's Prom Picture Published in Time

Time Magazine posts pictures from the president's prom and notes he wrote in a yearbook.
3:05 | 05/24/13

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Transcript for President Obama's Prom Picture Published in Time
Our everybody welcome to this -- -- starting with a -- quite after a back to attacking our President Obama back in 1979. This attack. The time. They publish this and -- -- -- it there he is now obviously there are an. -- On it and -- isn't making he is as the woman in the powder blues and dressed as she was his -- -- I mean they have all kinds of that there's one picture with -- -- -- good -- says yeah that's an -- He's looking at the camera in the one teacher and this -- know that he wrote in begins yearbook where he calls -- by the way you are extremely easy and and this yeah they think he is an all around good guy -- really an up he -- since. Greg the other for the the male friend that picture would want to spend any time with me at all you really deserve better than clowns like that's even laugh at -- -- Cool nice guy he's knew how to work -- he really did yeah. I don't think if there's another picture and -- in the same kind of garbage there he. Always looked a little. Older -- the group you know just a little older than everybody else this week. Our data the prompting -- -- made -- -- I can promise -- we'll see if we can get -- opening. -- -- there's another picture put this up Anthony Weiner is a former congressman kind of got disgrace and scandal rocks Twitter some pictures is that he's running for mayor of New York which is insisting -- look at ST notice anything like that their people to be glad. We never -- here he's running for New York City mayor is that given away all right that's he. And the people who put together the the agency that put that together admits that they fully were responsible for that they made a big mistake and they apologize and -- campaign had nothing to do they know that that's not New York City. -- -- -- -- Not okay now to that this -- -- if you ask me Morgan Freeman rob doing an interview for the fox affiliate in Seattle. Little tired of me see if it happens. It happens next Michael and I came fielding questions from the -- -- Came very engaged answer the questions about this movie that there is gay or you know turning around promoting a movie called chasing me Morgan -- SEC. But not just like how does not like now. How cold. -- hope we have this -- at one point -- his -- and glittery lights off to the side. A little bit forward and he can't how does not rule out yet and with -- it's. Yeah yeah. I never want to compliment have a second and then that's it intercept nobody was up to -- parties. Did that is god so to speak that is the name -- yeah what's. A -- party you can do it dissolves this is -- I don't want to make it has it's train wreck of the -- and actress Amanda finds that arrested by police in midtown Manhattan Thursday night. Officers came apartment on west 47 street just. Allegedly rubbed blotted out the window and was arrested on charges of reckless endangerment and taking -- -- in the hospital to undergo psychiatric evaluation. It would give him he needs to go away --

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{"id":19247292,"title":"President Obama's Prom Picture Published in Time","duration":"3:05","description":"Time Magazine posts pictures from the president's prom and notes he wrote in a yearbook.","url":"/WNN/video/president-obamas-prom-picture-published-time-19247292","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}