Put Out a Championship-Level Spread

"Bark" Chef Josh Sharke shows how to put out a great Super Bowl menu.
3:00 | 01/31/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Put Out a Championship-Level Spread
We're coming out of the wire -- Super Bowl 482 days and counting if you're still planning your party menu we have some mouth watering twist on the traditional sports party food. Joining us this morning is -- Sharkey founder and chef of bark. Gourmet hot dog shop in Brooklyn New York Josh welcome to show they don't pay real quick before we get started with make -- up and what makes a hot dog before making a movie but. Hot dog and I have gourmets -- the -- I think. -- -- it would probably be that it didn't that we use. You know experienced rate cuts of meat you don't have a -- pillars in here and -- -- -- -- -- -- now be shorter. -- -- and yet have the -- course make cuts are right fantastic hot dogs and wings this is a Super Bowl party in the making what are we gonna make. There -- -- today but in the blue cheese dressing never gonna serve their wings and that's outside rush -- have you with an appointment for a so the -- our in the bowl sour cream in the -- who live in her little bit. More than good -- That special kind of negative yeah we use it really really really good red wine vinegar are getting lectured to have access to doctors and minutes later got everybody has -- This is blue -- trying -- as a mild looking east tickets you don't want to over how the wings. You know good tip and we actually have a -- twice that -- -- to do here on this certainly is just what evidence this was in the death was getting. Continue to grant you one -- ago some buttermilk -- look out for. It's -- by remote content. -- -- -- -- Get some playing you know -- that denies their right to resolve. Sugar and you kind of have balance of vinegar yeah. And in overtime and -- news cleanup went up cops found positive with got -- I can't get in and do it right just like that afternoon. So now we haven't been a smooth flute case we wanted to chunks and they're actually takes more that. -- -- They get annually little chunky don't know what -- that happened in the -- -- what you do best seller about the consistency. Beautiful tiger captain -- I'm telling you what -- sort of credible them. And that's that's -- -- -- it was -- -- you know you don't have the. You know of the muluzi has surprisingly easy right -- rationality better than something out of a bottle -- out of absolutely he's been ingredients. Just about Super Bowl Sunday. We've Acela is supposed to act it's a little Sunday -- -- a definite links. When I -- even more than -- Ought to vote Sunday the wings for -- you have to say I'm with you on that -- -- to do simple yeah he's undertaken in his role -- -- locker room -- -- -- You know nasty. Tell me about it if you wanna do don't know -- -- -- day. My cousin you know BI is still -- don't -- -- the soft but it does get a nice yeah -- of that quote he hobbled -- the wings -- Super Bowl tell us about your -- your UN news organic. Tickets and why is that. While. Mark is a very simple concept you know it's all -- really really good ingredients in treating them simply and well so between electrical things. Planning a great ticket you tell me earlier you you feel like almost drying them like you yet he was in order to secure the -- Olympic relevant I don't solve some clients of Africa and then the next -- slow -- them really really -- temperature. They're cooked through perfectly and then we keep our money quickly to order they're nice and crisp getting outside but thanks to tender innocent people then -- wings at -- -- -- we get any advice from. Yeah I think it. To be honest if your thought I would just get your oven smoking hot -- and 500 degrees. But the -- every ten Minnesota did you know -- about it -- Brian them because. It's such a mess and I think the -- is just as good. It's you know it's healthier than ever admitted he had a good buffalo sauce and it did yeah he -- just from information week -- different threat -- have to go in there. A lot of positive there onions and garlic and things but you know what if you really want to make it simple Frank's red hot. Fighter you know. Maybe some onions. Tony what you got -- -- -- the wings maybe if you not shows and that's some cold beverages I think we -- party in the making right here had to have some Beers telling you what John Sharkey foundering ship -- -- hot dogs in Brooklyn to. Thanks for joining us.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"\"Bark\" Chef Josh Sharke shows how to put out a great Super Bowl menu.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"22309716","title":"Put Out a Championship-Level Spread","url":"/WNN/video/put-championship-level-spread-22309716"}