Queen Elizabeth Poses for Vanity Fair

Queen Elizabeth Poses for Vanity Fair
4:31 | 06/01/16

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Transcript for Queen Elizabeth Poses for Vanity Fair
Angela M senate mark you have that in the the forward deceiving it is time for let's get it topping our headlines this morning. Britain's newest cover girl. Kept hitting the newsstands tomorrow in new York and in and in that the UK and next Tuesday everywhere else. It's Queen Elizabeth gracing the cover of the June issue of Vanity Fair. To mark her ninetieth birthday nicknamed fat for a series of photographs of contributing photographer Annie and even that's. For complete portfolio capturing Elizabeth the second within her familiar surroundings at Windsor Castle that's why. Yeah Liebowitz says that the most moving and important thing about the issue is that all of the photos were of the queen's idea. She knew exactly how she wanted to be portrayed. At peace surrounded by her family and her beloved. According to another Lawrence and I mean this is taking direction from their weight and any didn't say no she's chaos exactly. Right next to another B green tying the knot for the second time to the same guy for Vanessa Williams and Jim script got married last fourth of July and. But now the former beauty queen has posted this photograph. On it's a grand sharing the moment after they exchanged vows. On Monday. In her own church. She Nanjing getting married once like every year once already wedding adding that it the flames captain the photo yesterday it we took one last walk down the aisle this time in my little church. Officially wedded Catholic comment hash tag imagine. Grateful Dead so this is Williams his third marriage she shares adult daughters Melanie and Julian. And some DeVon with her first husband Ramon. And she shares sixteen year old daughter of course Sasha with second husband and former NBA star Rick Fox. Thanks Sarah. Bringing upstate back now that we know about all of the entire family tree and good actually can't celebrity children by the way we've all heard of some pretty unusual baby names like he had apple courses Blue Ivy and north. Now Hunger Games actress Jenna Malone looks just going to be a good boyfriend to eat and dealer friends oh they've named Tim over to mountain food now. And just like mountain that's the only. They've both long of the latest and apparently growing trend of unusual baby names. OK so two years ago you were called a Kate Winslet and her husband that. Named their son. Bear blades. Airplane interest but offbeat celebrity baby names are hardly anything legendary guitarist frank happening to his kids ruling union do we sell. I met and diva laugh and Tina. Justice followed all they're so you can see elegant show those names are but some celebrity's even chose to keep things simple. She had boxer and cooking appliance pitch man George Foreman. Who named his five sons George junior George the third. Georgia fourth George the fifth. George the sixth. With the nicknames to tell them apart and one of his seven. Daughters were Jeddah. My his self important is it. Finally when diet one name and one in very big price for his old helps at this a singer Lenny Kravitz and may be regretting having lived this long ago. His former Mediterranean style Miami Beach mansion. 111000 square feet six bedrooms very nice here. Eleven bathrooms is you never know where you wanna go in the middle of scientific saltwater swimming pool no less and it's great care of Biscayne Bay. But he bought the mansion 2001 for just under nine million he sold it for years later to its current owner in New York City real estate developer for fourteen million they're still there now back friar at writes a five million after just four years. Consider this this developer that's probably about her is known for renovating the content with the tell us OK coming hotel. So there is an excellent money so yes it. Now that developer is selling it for 25. Million dollars into this area here ha I was actually added by Kravitz he added paint a beat such he brought in sand and made it. I think things and it's a great location. And that's what you call the profit when an event that Oprah has a good eye for these things mean go go have sank. Perhaps but it did it but I hope here is bigger than mine. Right.

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