Rare Postage Stamp Sells for Millions

The one-cent 1856 British Guiana stamp sold for $9.5 million at auction by Sotheby's.
1:05 | 06/18/14

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Transcript for Rare Postage Stamp Sells for Millions
And here's a follow that story -- toy that last week the sale -- a very very expensive stamp. What happened here in New York beat 1856. Of British guy on a one cent magenta. Sold to an anonymous buyer for a record nine point five million dollars. The serious hike in the cost of postage for that. It sure visited the fourth time that the same stamp. Has broken the same auction price record and a long history when he option it was expect to sell between ten and twenty. Million dollars the bidding actually started at four point five million dollars -- want to look at their it is you see it doesn't doesn't have much to be and it doesn't really. Let's not so I can never I had you know I go to yard sales hoping to stumble across something like this but no -- did collect stamps but nothing. Nothing like like -- don't tell my Verdasco and discovery that we have wind we get to -- garage sale season this summer.

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{"id":24186919,"title":"Rare Postage Stamp Sells for Millions","duration":"1:05","description":"The one-cent 1856 British Guiana stamp sold for $9.5 million at auction by Sotheby's.","url":"/WNN/video/rare-postage-stamp-sells-millions-24186919","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}