Get ready for the Oscars

ABC News' Oscars expert Will Ganss watched all eight best picture nominees and explains how to watch or sound like you already did!
4:56 | 02/22/19

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Transcript for Get ready for the Oscars
Is what we all wish we are doing yes at this very moment. And that will give his living room. But I highlight here is yards and army of also drew a little homework watching all of this year's. Nominees for best picture Oscar and we're so thankful talk about a sweet deal if that's your homework mean it's a tough job but somebody's got to do it. And will bravely took one one for the team and joins us with everything you need to know what a beautiful red carpet here and yeah are still. I'm all well I am so ready for it because of that face mask you guys that's right I watched all eight best picture nominees in less than a week. And here's your crash course on where you can see them all to or if you just want to pretend like he saw them all. I've got you covered with what to Stacey you can still sound cool a year Oscars party this weekend. Yeah. Let's get things rock and rolling the bohemian rhapsody which is available on demand among other places. It's frontman Ronnie Malick. A big favorite to win best actor he's RD picked up that title Lopes the Baptist and was sacked award. So he's the Hollywood favorite he's the biggest favorite with the highest odds of winning. And keep the fan favorite. Hell. Yeah Seton at least for this LA couple who's seen the movie. 24 times but if you prefer a bigger screen and the one in your living room many theaters are still screening the favorite. I. The dark comedy about a demented clean and played impeccably by Olivia Coleman. If you wanna sound cool and artsy yet your Oscars party ask people what they thought of that last seen with the rabbits. If they ask your opinion you can make a literally anything up and it's probably correct also still in theaters and vice. A totally transformed Christian Bale plays Vice President Dick Cheney. The vice presidency is mostly. Symbolic job yeah that's the same man who climbed out of that hole in the Dark Knight rises. I couldn't believe it either. Back at home on the couch you can Netflix and chill your way through Roma which is the first Netflix released ever pick up a nomination for best picture. The black and white film could win big on Sunday night for best director and possibly best picture. And some trivia for your Oscars party chitchat and this was the first time at the film's lead young pizza companies CO has ever acted. She was a school teacher who auditioned on a whim. From robots or god god and his stars. Yeah. It's still in many theaters on dvd and Blu-ray and streaming on several platforms. If you want to make any wagers at the start of your watch party this weekend. Bet that got got will win best original song for shallow. She's also performing that's. Celine Redding who rely during the show and I'll be performing live alone in. Okay. Speaking of living rooms you can watch green book at home on Amazon prime. It's also on demand and on most streaming services and green books my Herschel Ali. Is the front runner for best supporting actor that's like cleaning accountability in the tropical sub. That's good. If you somehow haven't seen black panther yet it's streaming now on Netflix and priests are now. They came out over a year ago. And it's the first superhero movie ever be nominated for best picture and out of all the nominees this year it's ranked the highest on rotten tomatoes. And finally black Klansman which is on demand the film marks the first time Spike Lee has ever been nominated for best director or best picture. After decades in the industry. About the show itself the 91 Academy Awards going hosting list for the first time since 1989. Which is when this Rob Lowe Snow White duet happening. Yeah something tells me this year's Adam Lambert and queen performance we'll go over a little better with viewers. And if you're at an Oscars party and don't know what to say it all just ask the relived their favorite Meryl Streep movie is and if they don't have an answer leave immediately that's not an Oscars party that you wanna be out anyway off yes. So all good well I'm so impressed that you watch all of those movies and in a week. No let it make you said earlier this is my Super Bowls that's time well spent in millions as book yes well we appreciate you well. And better off because of the Appleton fifty.

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"ABC News' Oscars expert Will Ganss watched all eight best picture nominees and explains how to watch or sound like you already did!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"61236495","title":"Get ready for the Oscars","url":"/WNN/video/ready-oscars-61236495"}