Real-life Forrest Gump

Meet the young man running across the country for a good cause. Before Brady Silverwood took off on his months-long run, he sat down with our Will Ganss to share his inspiring story.
3:03 | 05/07/19

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Transcript for Real-life Forrest Gump
I'm bringing the number on in across America meet the road who didn't you in his journey across the country on line. Great setting off from the Jersey Shore Sunday afternoon I plan on hitting ten miles a day to start off. And then like ramped up as they go so by the end I can be innings when he miles a day at 3040. If I'm going to. Didn't. Half marathon every date for the next eight to ten months until he makes it to finish line in San. For Brady it's not about the finish line I'll turn this run is bigger than you. You recently said that. Every month or your running you're gonna spotlight different charity. A different cause that's near and dear to your heart the first the -- chosen is suicide prevention and mental health awareness. Why that cause it's some thing that it you know you can feel stuck in and then something that's really difficult. And you know mental health who has talked about as an adult. That focus on mental health is personal for Hillary or haven't really been too. Vocal about this and so recently. On and off for the past three years I've dealt with depression it's been something where you know I've I've always been such a positive person happy person and people always go to means for help but when eyes started affairs realize like I needed help. There's a very. I just scary period in my lesson I think it was hard for me and even get out of that summed it. Now Brady couldn't be further from his baton. 3200 miles away exactly hoping each of those miles will bring awareness to mental health issues. Snead talked about a lot gambling release I guess that stigma and maybe make others feel more comfortable because. Talking about these things may come far less scared Brady crediting running for turning his life around that went from. All I really needling convince myself to run incidents soon. Mr. probably just go for now he's hoping his big run gives others the exercise funny using it since Graham account two ways awareness and funds go funny set up with a couple of 100000 dollars mobile light revealing on the road this was a college buddy in my head of this column and I told them that I everything inside and I'm now done it may seem like -- rotation. But Brady worked hard for this opportunity I sold the company and it's actually enemy come in out of pocket for me is some pain and my friend named doesn't mean driving in. And then I'm also paying for the RV a little more glamorous than the most famous guy who ran across the country. Yeah. Are you gonna grow up appeared though like ours I am I am saying goes. About it I don't ever grown a beard before it so this is throughout likenesses of bats. But at apple polite deference guy Brady's hoping he needs some cool people along the way. How do we get Ted Ted to go on this journey with you you know without actually running alongside those of me so many ups and downs. You know. Any message you know that you could sense to me like that is you being a part of it.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"Meet the young man running across the country for a good cause. Before Brady Silverwood took off on his months-long run, he sat down with our Will Ganss to share his inspiring story.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"62871143","title":"Real-life Forrest Gump","url":"/WNN/video/real-life-forrest-gump-62871143"}