Rob Nelson Says Goodbye to World News Now

WNN's Rob Nelson announces that he is leaving the show.
4:34 | 03/12/13

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Transcript for Rob Nelson Says Goodbye to World News Now
Welcome back everybody to AEA double dose of the -- overdue car. Yeah. Fit. And it's getting so -- Simple -- -- and not really let's start rich yes some some news right right here at. The desk so. -- are doing the show would summer of 2010. To two years and eight months couple hundred shows under my belt ten I was alive TV week. Sixteen. Co anchors later -- literally 16. And now it's my turn to kind of pack it up and head off the overnight shift ABC made it official yesterday I was waiting for -- to make announcements that we -- -- some that you guys out there but this is -- -- -- stay with ABC go to go do something -- correspondent -- to report the other ABC news shows DNA -- Nightline in. World news all that good stuff so of the switching schedules staying in the building. How do it all that's what's a good thing it's a promotion. I'm all that -- a very good -- -- it did so it's all good news of my last day on the show will be march 15 this coming Friday will be at John Mueller who filled me browse on vacation. -- -- happy and. But we do know that you're going to go and do wonderful things for this offer for our network. Because you're an incredible story -- all of your fans are going to be so upset to solve Horton. That cigarette now. And we know the face of it already blowing up -- we tell how much you're going to be this mean we'll try very hard -- to continue to bring you the same show that Robin Wright for so long. That's managing insane love that you have delivered the news it was and I'll say I will disable my much -- goodbyes and debuts for the Friday shows the produces are planning a big. Friday's show another they're doing my high -- -- -- -- -- material to work with. Internet -- -- spent -- -- show Friday no they will deliver but it was not an easy decision -- loved this show that despite these crazy hours but no one doesn't reverend those you've watched for years no. You've seen a whole bunch of us. Come that's right on and off this desk so often -- The ocean -- let them know that you didn't -- this -- -- -- the same time this isn't very good thing for you -- in the promotion that you're going to go tell that story I had you know I had a guy you know when the wind when the Vatican calls has a you know what guys -- comment. That the Romans ten to hear this series says -- they -- -- and we had an open spot -- government. -- all night some money. About this kind of pick the best that's Tibetan opera great run doing is fighting for the -- -- would ultimately autism. But there's -- news here actual importance. Our -- -- time heights. Ontario. The bachelor minus I don't know if I can I want to -- Yeah yeah. Irate -- fan of the bachelor we now know that Sean -- has made his decision Catherine. -- she isn't -- he went -- he proposed to her and now they are officially a couple but this is something. Important information that you should also know about -- good show here the nub bachelor. It has been on for ten years a seventeen season of the bachelor eighteen -- bachelorette. India and 24 official couples we're not sure what that means idols leading -- -- Obama couples we're not sure. He couples have made it. 123. From 24 so when you're looking for love you go on the bachelor it's got a success rate of people here. A lot of reality TV items. I just -- -- let's -- I'm sure that's a beautiful relationship for the next to lunch when. I'll also review also comes to your departures there's all these rumors over the weekend Elisabeth Hasselbeck was -- -- -- joy Joy -- announced she's stepping out into the season to -- -- some -- -- things and so rumor -- -- -- -- -- of residence -- Barbara Walters yesterday on the -- cleared the -- this is what she said. The truth says. We love Elizabeth I I like it turns. And she's just a wonderful person but -- that we value and appreciate her point of view it's important to us because Elizabeth helps -- dish out. Suspect dead and balanced so we have no plans for. Elizabeth to leave the -- He's somebody blouse is scrutinizing what Barbara said who knows what the future home and as -- -- Elizabeth staying put Jolie still notable. See what happens is never a shortage of. Interesting things on that show a super human Britain announced that -- I mean that she's the only one leans to the other side everybody always agrees with one thing and she's the only and they need a balanced economy -- And it's getting -- -- -- stay tuned for a bonus round.

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{"id":18707924,"title":"Rob Nelson Says Goodbye to World News Now","duration":"4:34","description":"WNN's Rob Nelson announces that he is leaving the show.","url":"/WNN/video/rob-nelson-goodbye-wnn-18707924","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}