Royal Baby, Anthony Weiner and the News of the Week

Ryan Braun, another plane crash and a drumming grandmother made up the week?s headlines.
2:30 | 07/26/13

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Transcript for Royal Baby, Anthony Weiner and the News of the Week
I'm pretty full week here ms. -- say even for the dog days of summer that we begin with a royal baby MB and with the drumming grammar remember early two weeks ago this week. Lots of fireworks in between all that take a look. And anything. They want -- feeling. Good good parent -- He's that is -- big boys by heavy. And I was -- working -- -- name. Filming his belt this humongous -- like his completely went forward news. It was they really. I'm playing out my ideas from to -- the middle class a better. So now it's time for you to lay out your idea Americans are asking the question were the speeches are asking. Where. On the job from -- -- we do everything in my power. Not to. Give up the fight for you know not only to fight for -- of but to fight for so many other. Young armed black and brown boys that this country. Can't believe me it's horrible fate. Both before and tied the contest and after they do very strongly believe that it is between. Our -- people when the city hello. When you draw. -- distract. I'm folks in the middle class -- -- to think that you're on you're having a serious conversation about issues. I hope that Ryan brawn is forever remembered as the most despicable. Liar in the history of baseball he cheated the system and at a time where. You know. Process baseball players have made that commitment to clean up the game. Because whether you go to an. It's been sentenced to be consistent -- a little. -- I'm not sure how far she's inspired me I think a lot of -- nominating me absolutely OK we also want to remind you about our brand new FaceBook feature it's called in case you missed it and that's exactly what it is essentially it's all the best -- world news now throughout the week can log on or FaceBook page WNN fans dot com and check in. It's called in case you -- it or is -- me. The political world and maybe now this is always made -- -- why -- -- the feeling that we can do -- and yeah. Gag order for our way -- and -- -- and --

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{"id":19779171,"title":"Royal Baby, Anthony Weiner and the News of the Week","duration":"2:30","description":"Ryan Braun, another plane crash and a drumming grandmother made up the week?s headlines.","url":"/WNN/video/royal-baby-anthony-weiner-news-week-19779171","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}