Ryan Seacrest and Luke Bryan on what to expect this season of 'Idol'

The "American Idol" host, judge and last season's winner Maddie Poppe, sit down with ABC's Will Ganss to discuss how 17 seasons have led to the show's best one yet.
4:50 | 03/05/19

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Transcript for Ryan Seacrest and Luke Bryan on what to expect this season of 'Idol'
C seventeen American Idol premiered with a bang last night football holding a slate of auditions right Karen ABC. It was jam packed a it was a crazy night promotion back stories of our moment setting up a senior must promising to be the most exciting ever. Joining us with the inside scoop our own American Idol will hear you guys I hear this music and I just come alive yeah this is the most wonderful time of the year American Idol season. As a brand new crop of idol hopefuls auditioned for their ticket to Hollywood I scored at golden ticket up my own catching up with Ryan Seacrest. Luke Bryan and Matty copy ahead of last night's premiere to talk about seventeen season. Of American Idol. From Kelly. To carry. Ryan Seacrest has been their for all seventeen seasons of American Idol. You've been doing this for almost two decades gosh yes the results are coming out. After the break told bill anyway Luke Bryan joining the idol fan and a bit later you've been doing this for almost two years yes. I don't watch it for two decades. And yeah. Talk to me about what this season is bring in. Two American Idol that we haven't seen before it's why the heat it's begun a town in that I was there about the judge's it was last year they were fantastic this year it's is second only better. You better actually our progress. Switch to cents something last season Luke and his fellow judges Katie Perry and Lional Richie. Set a high end wacky bar. I'm yeah. Sadie what I'll lover battery is it's her spontaneity. Yes they went yes I have no way I feel that already. You know she can be Cinderella. And yes or Snow White horse so yeah. This he can hang with the boys to automate and that's a cool thing about it and hello all secrets Lional you're looking forward. The guys more energy than anybody ever met in my life. When you meet Ronald yeah he's everything you want immunity yeah we may not be let he. No I promise you're not. Someone else who lives up to expectations. Less seasons later adding not. Who is returning in some capacity for this next season. Well it's kind of a seeker right now you gotta tune in. I don't out of are allowed to say but. Bigger bus funny it's a funny thing to funny this last. In Matty leaving Hollywood with more than the title of American Idol. She also met her boyfriend Taylor who was her runner up. I feel like I've made so my best friends you know on the show and hopefully my husband's. Kaelin if you're watching went blank. You'll like it in game yeah. But life as an American Idol has introduced Matty to some other cool people. Megan trainer Amy Adams. James Taylor Sheryl Crow but Matty says the coolest parts. Is that being an idol opened up doors she never dreamed up working with songwriters like Max Martin who has made music with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. And he'll sign it. So who are deep this year's Matty poppy. We will follow in the footsteps of some of idols most powerful alone Kelly Clarkson Carrie Underwood Jennifer Hudson out of Lambert were doing. Regular things normal giant had their god isn't it strata and country mile Phillips yeah see what they were doing and how they are superstars now that's what I love about. Prejudice and seventeen seasons later I think it's safe to say that's would be all look about American night. And so the next season the next episode of idol Ayers here on ABC Wednesday night at 8:7 central. What was your favorite moments from us who they're double talk about it a little bit but there is a it. Girl named Mira that I am so excited for the season. And seventeen years of so how by that could harm the very first season that more people I want five tonight who are seventeen right certainly were born or just more when American Idol premiered yet so that make me feel a little. And can I just stay at that. I hit it I think about it too hard I'll get emotional but as someone who grew up watching idol to be here with you guys talking about it after talking to right itself I just I'm so grateful to. All right guys who you know didn't. So great America I'll touches off across this country and so many people on it and it's impacted people even watching the Oscars. I didn't. Yeah. Yeah he does interview it meant a lot. Thank you will bridge.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"The \"American Idol\" host, judge and last season's winner Maddie Poppe, sit down with ABC's Will Ganss to discuss how 17 seasons have led to the show's best one yet. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"61471374","title":"Ryan Seacrest and Luke Bryan on what to expect this season of 'Idol'","url":"/WNN/video/ryan-seacrest-luke-bryan-expect-season-idol-61471374"}