Sesame Street Adds Character with Autism

The newest Muppets character aims to help children understand autism.
2:52 | 10/22/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sesame Street Adds Character with Autism
And now it's time for the next I do love my Sesame Street specialty initiatives have they taken. They just introduced on Wednesday morning a new character I want you to meet everyone. Julie up she is their latest character. And she has autism is a character with autism and they want to help families deal with the stigma of odd to send and she makes a point of talking about house instead she likes to play a little differently she says. Just because she's not making eye contact with you doesn't mean she doesn't want to play with you the researchers. Have worked. Three years in developing this initiative hoping to bring people together even on social media there using the hash tag seen amazing. So they realize that children with autism or five times more likely to get police and they hope by putting this care throughout there that it might take away. The difference. Yeah I would re inclusive idea us. Tell us Sesame Street and to hook that up all rights all the stuff well back to the future. We know the cubs did not win the series and you know the play cards haven't happened yet but. We do have the some self tying shoes rebels cools according to fly GAAP. Okay this is the first pair of course we're going do Michael J. Fox or this is up from his Twitter page you have this video. You posted it showing these cool new. Tied up. He likes all the all themselves they do it all by themselves which is what we are waiting for. Yeah I think it's very cool to call the Nike mag and then he. What leader on east border among Jimmy Kimmel. You got. Is it made and you make more system that there only be available by option was a benefit or foundation. And mark Tucker from Nike button today and they he lays out. He lace up on their own this C ten. Okay. And I. Here good smooth how to begin here. Grateful not until next year ago but a few minutes into the gonna some of the money was gonna go to his. Michael. We can put you back into it from that plan to do you Matt about intuit. If marathon runner puts back into it for his dating life. He decided he's gonna run this marathon and use his back as his personal act. Ford date. It kind of words he got twelve FaceBook friend request from women and they noticed his certainly sad day and he said that they conversations have been promising actually met with one weapon. Who reach out to have that he's going to have beings guys do the things guys do to get noticed your back can be a billboard for your daily life and go who needs to enter. Phelps when you're shaped tip after boarding up.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"The newest Muppets character aims to help children understand autism.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"34645299","title":"Sesame Street Adds Character with Autism","url":"/WNN/video/sesame-street-adds-character-autism-34645299"}