Sizzling Trump Costume

This Halloween, women can wear a racy Donald Trump costume.
2:50 | 09/22/15

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Transcript for Sizzling Trump Costume
Three words that have never being in that mentioned in the same sentence sexy Donald Friday. I've seen Donald from. Halloween costume the first we've become familiar with this and that suggests that just reeks of sex netstat loans would fat eye witness and now you have. This costume that's out this Halloween for 88 bucks it comes with a half of making America great again of course had. And done maybe they're a little take on added as a female cost him. If it got all that hair it comes with a comb over a hollow real real Harris was Donald safe and it comes with the attitude I don't. Who couldn't racist jokes are hero. I bring this. Does not include. Oh boy well loved and motifs just in to these emotion out. Oh but there's a guy who is he created a key port. 1000 analogies included while on his latest good latest updates. Chemical Ali let him and time and attends Wright Tom Scott he's a savvy tech engineer and Oprah keep it. For death top. It has all the emotions this desolate Alison about this is have a gala. You know being a Benitez only speaks in a moment but without my I didn't know that he's like a twelve year old. OK. Good. Please leave us all emotions overtimes. This is his dream. We should get what was life in the past should. And here's a dream home. There's fantastic home in Melbourne Australia ever rich guy but let's roll absent beautiful mansion there in the middle of the Melbourne Australia and this guy has a thing for the Dark Knight so he decided he was gonna create his own. Dark Knight bat cave that's the actual garage not the one from the movie okay that's as actual garage but that's not the bat cave. That's something about Gary assists his bat it. In Melbourne Australia. Want to get they excavated the the property surrounding his house so that this company could build this school rods and beyond that. It's also covered up. By the tennis courts he used I'm smooth no idea where your driving it flat course he is staged like a little bit anonymous since then but half. Yeah rich guy with but he's chief of. Rob houses and there you go out and got a it is pretty impressive that it has Burnett Eric. We'll the last one is a trick play in high school football games look at this. Pick up freight then they all get in together. Ball falls in the certain place they'll huddle together just the opposite of all I did not set any records that they run and then they're kind of get the players are great example works. It worked both could live now and does. He. I. Boom and. Embarrassing moment. FF FF that F.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"This Halloween, women can wear a racy Donald Trump costume.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33939510","title":"Sizzling Trump Costume","url":"/WNN/video/sizzling-trump-costume-33939510"}