Social Stars: Pentatonix

Days before the group goes on tour, Pentatonix's Kirstin Maldonado goes one-on-one with Will Ganss to talk about the band, her solo music and hitting all the right notes on social media.
3:28 | 05/02/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Social Stars: Pentatonix
Three time Grammy Award winning group had to tonics hitting all the right notes. On the charts and on line. With nearly two million answer Graham followers and more than three billion views on YouTube leading lady Kirsten Maldonado. Has nearly a million in Saddam's followers of our own so where better to go one on one with Kirsten then this Barkley shiny incredibly ins to credible New York begins to Gramm headquarters. This is just repeat that happy as I'd like we're honoring those bubble did I not say that they did earlier about that's incredible record raising. Kirstie using the grim share red carpet looks behind the scenes sneak peeks and of course share music. Kirsten explaining that social media is what kept the group. From singing their swan song. Then Thomas had a Salmonella as we started off with a drop from a label immediately you know and them. We Lou Dobbs Elian's return you to channel we live in the same apartment complex we rehearse everything he could just like look at their door and lightly like. Rigorous rehearsal that YouTube channel those rehearsals the hard work paying off. A few years later the group's incident Vollers hanging on every word. Alcoholics as they're called. Often sent in to opt opt capella induced overdrive begs to certain posts are our players have sex please. Try to raise us that's a lesson look like annoying or like. Coming six never let in diet that's. That's putting it mildly this person saying hash exude might just be their cause of death. But that's suspense works. Not. Fun yeah he's drumming up excitement for things like the group's upcoming international tour. I can't say mice and other places is that if they're never going but we are going to new places we remember for all these places and venues are places you. Dream about playing. Kirsten making several dreams a reality Lee. Starring in broadway's kinky boots but that still meant something special to you to. Tell me about that I'm I'm these computers offers coming instant levees it came in my life is as important time as well the message and meaning exactly what it was this is so important to me. The show's message of self love and acceptance something Kirsten takes to heart in person and online I didn't decide. What you're gonna post and what you're gonna respond to vs what you're gonna take a step away from the always trying to tell my story because I feel like. You know you're not alone I thought that too literally you know don't worry about I don't stress and you know I think. We'll be living honest and real friends say that thing I can pick inches that's a lot of dog contest now picture I get to know what his way out elegant. Slavery I had been more popular than ever now. And if adorable puppies still do the trick. Perhaps covering alleged lurk. Kirsten revealing her next solo project. It's a cover of selena's I have all. I was like getting Syria items that had also dishonest man so much as a nostalgic and Soviet I try to give the proper respect you now until there. It's history is any indication that the grammys the sold out shows the billions of YouTube views and millions of Amsterdam followers. It's safe to say this next son will be music and Ari. Yeah song.

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"Days before the group goes on tour, Pentatonix's Kirstin Maldonado goes one-on-one with Will Ganss to talk about the band, her solo music and hitting all the right notes on social media.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"62774124","title":"Social Stars: Pentatonix","url":"/WNN/video/social-stars-pentatonix-62774124"}