Steve Gomez gives expert insight into Texas shooting

Former FBI special agent Steve Gomez says it was a breakdown in the system that allowed the gunman to buy weapons despite a conviction for domestic violence.
3:23 | 11/06/17

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Transcript for Steve Gomez gives expert insight into Texas shooting
Let's get some insight into the investigation former FBI special agent. C Gomez joins us down by the phone and Steve what do you make exactly about the suspect's past he's convicted I believe a domestic violence back in 2012. But was still able to buy a gun. Yes as very disturbing that the whole system for doing the background check in order to purchase a weapon. You have to have that check done. And the assumption is information that should be in the system is there and be quiet if there was a problem. In this case he was convicted he knew he was serving in the military and he was then after the break per body year. And so that should have made it into the database and the NT IQ system when they did a background check that should have been flagged he should not have been allowed to purchased that weapon so that. Well well hopefully some things will change as a result of this case authorities are not talking yet about a motive yet Steve but. Knowing all that we do when he was stressing tactical gear he was heavily armed me it seemed as though he was ready for a gun fight but what does that say to you. This I was ready for war this was pre planned. So between the tactical gear at the protective vest which is a big deal let me. Clearly somebody is ready to get into a firefight and or open at the going to be able to survive you keep keep shooting it out with cops with residents who ever. And we knew we think about the apparently there were a number six weapons and other other firearms in your vehicle so there's the potential that he was going to continue shooting at the church in the nearby area. But it put also possible that he was gonna go to another location or to commit another attack. So this could have been written this mass killing not only at the church but in other places. And unfortunately that that local resident there was able to take a more on and put him down so to speak. Now we're going to be talking I'm more about the good samaritans who chased after the guy a little later on that show yeah and probably stop something worse from happening right so you we have three of the fourth deadliest shootings in the US history. Have happened in the past year and a half. And guess it's a level of frustration for many in law enforcement it's a level of frustration no doubt for. Regular citizens but from a law enforcement standpoint he say what. Well they eat in and law enforcement we we always say that we law enforcement can't do little law. And there are only so many law enforcement officers on the street anyone crime and that's why you always hear that she's something say something. So more horsemen recognized is that these types of issues these active shooters beat mental health issues they seek this almost every day. But the public has recognized that as well and they have to start looking at situation that the order with you know it. Kind of in their mind thinking okay this dispute the other guys hosting you know a picture of himself than any market dean. And it didn't see anything more but maybe that indicate that this person. Is thinking about going out shooting somebody maybe I needed space and that if somebody you have to recognize that those little red flags. When you put a few of them together could mean that some is gonna go out children's people. Can social media would've been really helpful in this case just as keeping your eyes peeled. Then Derek Varity summoned law enforcement we're saying now is that time including some Texas saying now is time. To talk about gun violence Arce Gomez joining us on the phone C thank you.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"Former FBI special agent Steve Gomez says it was a breakdown in the system that allowed the gunman to buy weapons despite a conviction for domestic violence. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"50958088","title":"Steve Gomez gives expert insight into Texas shooting","url":"/WNN/video/steve-gomez-expert-insight-texas-shooting-50958088"}