Tear-Inducing Lyrics Could Lead to Chart-Toppers

ABC News' Lana Zak talks with researchers to find out why we crave songs of sadness.
4:07 | 01/16/13

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Transcript for Tear-Inducing Lyrics Could Lead to Chart-Toppers
Well -- -- is no doubt one of the hottest singers even winning a Golden Globe on Sunday night but this. Secret behind her music ABC's a lot of Zach is here to give us her take good morning -- good morning sunny and John you know. The -- is a master at sad songs. She can -- haunting tunes and tear inducing lyrics into chart toppers. And some new research may just hold the clues as to line. Good there is sad song you okay I'm definitely yeah. Very good everybody -- -- -- -- now someone like you. There is something funny about enjoying sadness. Which got us wondering. Are we just clintons for punishment or is there a -- -- three things that make us cry. Researchers are finding our brains are actually hard wired to be thrilled by these bursts of sadness. Can assess risks. Doctors -- -- measured signs of exhilaration. Goose -- increased heart rate. And found -- great music produces a remarkable response in the brain. We found that it. It looks at it. Activity similar to other strongly. Emotional -- and as well troubles that really like chocolate. Like sex and even like certain drugs such a second music and addictive. -- gives you. Same -- and budget that you might yet to be really dangerous -- drug. Even since Mozart's time composers have known how to push our brains buttons with -- volume and something called. Upon its -- -- listen to a Dell do. It appears she holds that -- -- -- and then does that little flourish at the end. That field hockey tour and scientists -- our -- love that tension. And it is just ads on apparently tragic movie make them happy. Maybe that's why Titanic is one of the highest grossing films of all time. It may seem very counterintuitive that you spend two hours for the very sad movie and in -- -- feel happy about don't live. But my lease or sell those because of the sad emotions you think more about the people you care about the most in the alive. And that improves your odds looked like and makes a lot happier. So next time you need a little pick me up. Heading curl up where they know. He makes us. And at the wrong impression it isn't just that sad -- that move us in this way. Doctor does -- Torre actually tested classical music and found that -- -- -- came in sad songs. Even without lyrics of -- you know you don't love sad song I don't ascent solar is not -- seven movies I like sunshine and -- -- and you know. Case -- exercise and every -- I like sets on that looks at science but I don't particularly like sad movies -- -- I don't like -- have cried but. I did choose a sad song of wetlands on cue it up I I do like Whitney Houston's -- Yeah. Is parents. If you let her voice is selling -- -- yeah. It isn't broke don't bash joins us that I sort of still makes me feel good somehow -- you -- oil slick -- and back. And then plan. Okay. It makes me feel good I don't know. You usually don't -- -- my -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I have a sense on the Paul Simon's song father and daughter that is so sad I can't even talk about it jokes yet without getting choked up really we'll leave it at that I -- I don't want thanks so much it shouldn't let this morning we are we we are -- now.

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{"id":18226560,"title":"Tear-Inducing Lyrics Could Lead to Chart-Toppers","duration":"4:07","description":"ABC News' Lana Zak talks with researchers to find out why we crave songs of sadness.","url":"/WNN/video/tear-inducing-lyrics-lead-chart-toppers-18226560","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}