Together Through Tech

ABC's Tina Trinh ventures into a real-life portal.
3:15 | 12/18/14

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Transcript for Together Through Tech
Whose name and. Talks between Iran of US made international headlines this week as an impending nuclear deal seems closer than ever before not for a group of artists. The more important talks are happening between citizens of both countries ABC's Tina Trent. Discovers a real life portal bridging physical and cultural divides. In movies portals come in many. Radicals like Alice in Wonderland. Our back door into another person's mind. John Malkovich but real life portals don't exist until now. We're live madness art gallery in New York City and this looks like an ordinary shipping container but it's actually a portal to tea rock. We're enabling people to meet who wouldn't otherwise have been separated we've just. Don't know how to make that connection. Ahmard box she is part of an artist collected that's created portals it's a converted shipping container that allows viewers to and her one at a time to speak for fifteen minutes. In real time. With the citizen in Tehran. You don't know who you're speaking to they don't know you and have to sort of start from scratch. Over in Tehran the senate is the same. I decided to try it out myself meeting box she's collaborator so rob to Shawnee this located there. So we just walked inside this port all its want a ceiling carpet all around more than noise cancellation assuming. Yet I think the noise is important when we when working with lower band with we want to focus. Transmission and everything on the face only we light it that way. Inside the portal a camera captures a projects a life size image of each party. Giving the feeling of an in person conversation that is sort of cozy. Anyway I think at least and people not slept in him happy. I'm not on purpose but I honestly it. And people do kind of come out feeling like it was a warms me it is literally warm right now but also warm space in England the symbolic sense. You've actually almost forget where the presidency Reuters do. And that seems to be the point to show that perhaps American singer Ronnie and how much in common despite the distance. I've never been to you run and the girl I was paired up with studies photo journalism just like me I made a friend today so. That's amazing. In the end the best portal for experiencing Iran might just be an open mind. Teenager and ABC news New York. And the next phases that they want to open up portals to Haiti Mexico and New Delhi. So it could preach to other countries eating at Q right. Exactly and we just don't know much for a lot of people who. Might not having served Cuban heritage it could be await test. People better understand the for a ten technology is an incredible but can we diseases from you know New York to Arkansas. Who architects who knew Arkansas. My home state is that okay he knew me you can I talk of a no go home momma needs treatment. Get the portal. Didn't get departments. About Bob let's look all I want to please ready to have a day.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"ABC's Tina Trinh ventures into a real-life portal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27685147","title":"Together Through Tech","url":"/WNN/video/tech--27685147"}