Teen chef follows his dreams

At only 19 years old, Flynn McGarry has been trained at the finest restaurants and featured in Vogue. ABC News' Janine Elliot talks to this teen who's cooking his way to success.
4:53 | 04/19/18

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Transcript for Teen chef follows his dreams
Like and that's condition yeah yeah you can see. Towns awesome doesn't it several senior boys are obsessed with video games dating and perhaps Smartphones. Yep all those things but clinic Gary on the other hand is more concerned risk. Proper played it means great recipes and Michelin star the dream savings Tuesday need Elliott introduces us to the teenage master chef. Linda Gary trained at some of the finest restaurants in the country had a documentary produced about his life. And has been featured in vote in the New York Times magazine. But Flynt is only nineteen years soul. The young chef began cooking at the age of ten and isn't shy about what sparked his interest. There isn't it started because it didn't really like the food that my parents are picking. I'm not really love and meaning on a kind of trap myself. It kind of very quickly became a little more than a hobby just from the kind of strive to get really good and it. He started small teaching himself the basics for years he made things like chicken stock and sauces before even attempting a full ditch. By the age of twelve he was hosting elaborate dinner parties for friends and family out of his California home. They're about me and that's not. And it's a little minute campaign today. But eventually he needed to go bigger British couldn't handle sort of. Having thirty people come to dinner. So had to move it entered during kind of pop ups and different places. While doing a series of pop up the Gary duke cool following the supporters within the restaurant business. Those supporters. Offered both professional and financial assistance as he pursued his next venture. In February Flynt opened up his first restaurant called Jeff a New York city's lower east side. Staying true to his roots the budding chef model gem off of the dinner parties he once threw his home. I design enjoyed my house I wanted the whole idea to kind of get off this time you're going when his house for dinner if you search your meal in the living room she kind of come in. We're giving us champagne and sit down get a warm towel have some snacks kind of like decompress from the day. And their guests had to the dining room for fifteen coarse meal costing 155. Dollars per person. The cooking prodigy is often compared to another young star. Being dubbed early on in his career as a Justin Bieber of food. A comparison he's grown to embrace. I find it hilarious that you about was the person they chose. I guess at that time he may be had a similar Herrick had to me it's such an strange comparison. Considering. The only similarities we have literally is that we did things young but I mean. It did you turn out somewhat okay. So the teen chefs rise to fame hasn't anything. His mother meg discusses the hardships he's faced in a new documentary about Lin's career. One we did the pop ups she was working very very long nights he can how many of them blisters on his feet it was brutal. She's so young and this is what his life is like right now it's just so much. But when he says he doesn't regret following an unconventional path my family's been really supportive of kind of like letting me not go a traditional route. I don't know any other whales. If right now as I'm a south workings go to college I would not know how to function because this is what I'm. Learned from this is what I now. And this is like the life that I've lives for so long that to me it's totally comfortable. Comfortable RI NG and joining us now live below it more on this first saw the B share his hair retain a few I. That is political there's a chef hats off yeah. That's not what he's up preparing the food and yeah as you know. It sounds like she's always been Gibran to food is there something that kind of inspired him to go down nest or will he mentioned in the piece that he didn't love his parents cooking some of that kind of sparked his interest he just started. Experimenting with little things like sauces and mountain chicken stock and then he eventually start making full dishes. Yeah herself bunny might get my parents suck it cooking since. That he needed aid effort because he named the restaurant Jan after his mom that all cleared all backward. So he started it to talk about inspiration for a second he started as an eleven year old boy so who was his inspiration chef boy. No particular up at night asking. Just working in the kitchens in in these small restaurants and pop ups and then. Also having the supper club out of his at his family's home will bury him and his Fanny must be so proud but also check out his restaurant will take over here Jamie thank you for the storyline that's.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"At only 19 years old, Flynn McGarry has been trained at the finest restaurants and featured in Vogue. ABC News' Janine Elliot talks to this teen who's cooking his way to success. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"54577920","title":"Teen chef follows his dreams ","url":"/WNN/video/teen-chef-dreams-54577920"}