Top gadgets of 2020

The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, shares the best gadgets you can buy from 2020, all while sticking to a budget. ABC’s Kenneth Moton reports.
4:16 | 12/28/20

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Transcript for Top gadgets of 2020
Welcome back rage when he without a question has been a tough one but there have been a few bright spots. Like your favorite gadgets of the year our own guess where is Dick DeBartolo joins us now with the list of the five best gadgets it's weeks when he dec. You know all of a LEB light. All absolutely and this flashlight of people. It's so unique in chief let's take a peek is a need mini flashlight with a big difference I'm gonna show you gonna shut this overhead light off. So when you turn it on you can focus your teen. Launch a small one whatever you need but it would turn out all the side lights out for a very wide angle. Task like great pretend to pick campaign and the best loses when the light thoughts to get dim. Just get out charging cable because it says a 500 million battery inside totally rechargeable. Plug that in give it like 45 minutes and you'll have another couple of Al was a flight. That is a great gadget right there are also we know that 120 has been a year of webcams air raids zoo Maine and everything for work creating those virtual meetings. Richard are about webcam privacy covers. Exactly people worrying that someone is gonna turn new wind cam on when they don't know it tribe is she coverage is how they work. Worried about cam affecting you should it's when someone can turn your webcam on when you don't know. All right so we have Skype on two different computers here this is what the person on the other end seeing. But I don't want to see me anymore I can shut the web cam or just drop that all right. A little plastic guide this through its own lot of long Logitech models it's under fourteen dollars over on this computer. I don't want the person to see me here I just slide that will harvests in Kabul over now that's black. Richie six at 1006. For ten not bad also that's gonna smack clip last elected named. Oh yeah well Gil I think you'll like delay until this is what it does this. Very convenient LED clip plan could put onto a desk or that stable. Little inline remote control I assure you that in a minute this is Palepoi US be targeted GO computer. AC adapter or you can even plug it into little external battery pack and I'm doing here. And then once its plug in you turn it on you can pick what you want warm white white white. And from day you can adjust the intensity Philly people with analysts a year and it's about sixteen box. Well last for years and not bad at all. And yes this cold right now but over the summer we had a really really good gadget that sprinkler play Matt. All this is really great here are some kids playing in it so it's called me you'd cause flash bed. It says 68 inches it's round what do you do with it took a whole is up to it you don't need an air pump once the rim fills up with air. This sprinkle this dog so they say kids three of five J. D. Drew I played in the backyard to tested out I stayed cool I liked it a lot. I want to see video of that. So they're actually wind summer Tony toward one Dick I've never read on the course I wanna see some video of you and that Matt right there. We also know that when it comes to gadgets. You know it can be easy to break them but I heard you got a pretty industry indestructible one. This was gray and chilly high. I have tags this is this about never have to worry about not intuit breaking it paid around kids. And it's great for campaigning it's great for tight space kid and never again. I think it's running holiday lot at faithful to detach and it can't lack of their lives. Here is all about the good run as well. Debris yes and now there's six dollars and a little bit under six dollars I think it's a great a great idea that is a great idea are great deal. All right for these and other top gadgets the year Tory Tory tech optics web site that gives whereas dot bid as well as our own website. And every NM fans dot com Dick DeBartolo we can't wait to see and 121 thanks for joining us friend. Thank you sir.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, shares the best gadgets you can buy from 2020, all while sticking to a budget. ABC’s Kenneth Moton reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"74931778","title":"Top gadgets of 2020","url":"/WNN/video/top-gadgets-2020-74931778"}