Trump's water bottle moment

The president is mocked for the same thing he mocked Marco Rubio for during the campaign. ABC News' Kendis Gibson has the details.
3:30 | 11/16/17

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Transcript for Trump's water bottle moment
Some moments here from the president's twelve day trip it was a trip that just. Kept giving us many things like this this. 2018 line here from Elizabeth Arden on the runways. The president lot of red carpet yes yes really fears he's wacko like Naomi Campbell. Down the way litigated and book balanced on his head. Heather model citizen activists and as the president by the way was recapping his journey at the White House yesterday got a little cotton mouth them. Threatened to derail him his report. Few friends. There's something to be said about staying thirsty. But this makes it seem like the president has been through desert in the last two weeks in fact it was actually southeast Asia and the president here at the White House. Touting his trip and pausing first sit up and couldn't find a bottle where it normally is located. They don't have order that's okay. Reporters were forced to find a league give him an assist. Before the sweet relief. For senator Marco Rubio it was payback. 2013 rubio suffered his own water bottle moment. Which got candidate Donald Trump's attention saying rubio should've used. A glass and last year the candidate didn't let anyone forget. When they put mark go on. You refute president Obama's speech you remember that can exacerbate. It's. Ruby known. It was a moment rubio was waiting for tweeting. Similar but needs work on his form has to be done in one single motion and eyes should never leave the camera. But not bad for his first time luckily for the president he did it twice. Enough for people to criticize his technique. I'm sorry. We're natural graceful effortless way to open bottled water grass with both hands like a baby take a step. So in late night comics had a field day I don't always drink water. When I do I look she brew Wii units. Vick is bringing jobs back to America he's drinking a bottle of water from Fiji its feet. But okay okay currently at how did it get the got this. There can. Others wondered why a man with his own line of water would drink Fiji. While another Twitter user pointed out that some presidents drink water right from the source. Some shade there circuits this area that they'll work out about how do you drink from Fiji Water it's. You're going to collapse met the SS about how that he has to be. Is that the deal. I think the key is the momentum you gotta get the ups thing like 12 and. Very nicely done. The CEO for the Fiji company by the way reacted and you say camera everybody likes drinking from the source the source. Irate when we come back the growing outrage. Over the newest sexiest man alive habit he drinks lots of water plus the sexiest news men alive or one of them is not back there. The skinny is next to pick if people.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"The president is mocked for the same thing he mocked Marco Rubio for during the campaign. ABC News' Kendis Gibson has the details.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"51189921","title":"Trump's water bottle moment","url":"/WNN/video/trumps-water-bottle-moment-51189921"}