A Virginia Woman is Using Coupons to Feed 30,000 People

Lauren Puryear aims to use coupons to deliver meals to 30,000 homeless people by the time she turns 30 next September.
2:36 | 09/21/16

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Transcript for A Virginia Woman is Using Coupons to Feed 30,000 People
Well most of us clip coupons to save money but we're about to meet one woman who does it firm. Much more noble reasons and have a little girl who is doing her best to spread affirmations around the world ABC's look and joins us now with two truths and a lack. Well good morning. Hey Diane intend as we begin with paper scissors and Iraq start coup plotters. Say hello to Lauren Greer at 29 year old who may look like she belongs on an episode of extreme coup funny. But she's not in it for herself know that single mom is using local discounts and bargain buys to reach her goal defeating 30000. Needy neighbors. Before her thirtieth birthday next year. Per year runs a charity called for the love of others in west bridge Virginia and spends anywhere from five to ten hours a week. Researching and clipping coupons so she can afford the food she buys. Prepares and serves to people all along the East Coast she was inspired by her own grip on says she hopes to do the same. For her five year old son. Great work Lauren. Next up it's hump day if your struggling to get through the week we've got all the motivation you need it right here say hello tough Audrey. The company kiddo from Mount Pleasant, Michigan who is here to remind herself game and all of us all we need to get through the day it's looking at us right there in the mirror. Yeah. Piaf in X my iPod Jay's mom says her compliments aren't only reserved for that reflects an errand embarrassing encourages friends family. And strangers everywhere and they got a whole. And finally next time a family member complains about your messy rooms just tell them hey it's a work of art. Because according to signs that'll make them appreciate it a little more as small study in the Netherlands proving that when we are told something is art. It automatically changes our response to it on a neural level. Scientists studied subject's brain activity in concluded that we are able to distance ourselves emotionally from art. As opposed to what we perceive as reality works of art seemed much more likable than similar situations. In real life. Seeing tennis I got your back at Diana's worried about your cluttered scripts on a desk. This teller it's your next installation for the moma poppy eight minutes today. Puppy in this thing is right. This is aren't. This phone has this been re here. This need today I I'm always neat this part I kind of like have messed up but did say like my. Monica from friends and I think the. On veterans' event ladies who love this secretly and actually messy actually practiced daily legs use Smart use this kind Buchanan Paul. Foot and.

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"Lauren Puryear aims to use coupons to deliver meals to 30,000 homeless people by the time she turns 30 next September.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"42242207","title":"A Virginia Woman is Using Coupons to Feed 30,000 People","url":"/WNN/video/virginia-woman-coupons-feed-30000-people-42242207"}