Women Jockeys Making Event in Horse Racing

ABC News' Nikki Battiste reports on how more women are taking up this grueling sport.
3:36 | 06/07/13

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Transcript for Women Jockeys Making Event in Horse Racing
History will be made at the Belmont Stakes tomorrow jockey -- -- is set to become the first female jockey to ride an all three Triple Crown races. And saying here pretty impressive very impressive to see why that's such a rare event. We have ABC's -- Batiste who went to the North American racing academy where would be jockeys -- trained. -- joins us now good morning -- Good morning John and Diana. The first in class at this exclusive jockey school except -- only twelve students into the racing program. And believe it or not eleven are women these young ladies are fighting the sides and Manning up in this macho world. It is a rear -- a bright pink -- helmet flying along the -- resource. The young woman beneath its brand grew up with her heart set on -- A shot as a professional jockey. In the death defying adrenaline pumping sport embracing a thoroughbred up to forty miles per hour I just love classes Friday. -- pass. Here in Lexington Kentucky where horses and who observed many when he T year old Vanessa -- is a few strides away from graduation. The only jockey school in the US the North American racing academy. Only 16%. Of licensed jockeys are female and now -- top 100 only two are women. One of those women is -- -- -- panicked and why she's often alone in the female locker room tomorrow all eyes will be on her she is riding her way into history. As the first woman ever to -- in all three Triple Crown races now princesses you know. You gotta be one of the guys nineteen year old jockey student mercy yet -- knows full well it's a cutthroat sport. Only first -- Friday it was. Basically liked the movie Hunger Games expected to -- under a 112 pounds he's young -- -- risk their health and even their lives. Since 1940 at least two jockeys a year in two more a paralyzed every year. So it's lot more dangerous than NASCAR parachuting or skydiving. According to the jockeys guild their 48 accident a week involving jockeys. I fell often have more of banking catch and last summer. And you get back on the where she'll -- -- -- you that. Burning desire. First summit adrenaline for -- money for most it's nothing more than a simple love of horses when you're on -- -- they had -- running for. Feel that -- about it. One student -- quit and just this week another had a bad fall but -- tough bunch taking a chance inspired by Rosie and the problem neck. So now tell me Nikki what exactly does success mean for other females from wanting to be -- other young girls me look up to let us. It's funny Rosie actually when she first started her career would actually go by her initials. They are to try to disguise herself with a male she says she doesn't love she said she doesn't love being celebrated. As a female -- is with -- one of the guys known for her great writing but I you know she's a great. A great inspiration these young girls and -- The EU and equestrian he did show jumping you but it jockey school you've actually got -- -- thoroughbred Baghdad how is that different. It was very different I mean I think I've got this you know I can do this but it really humbling because the technique is so different antics in some ways reverse from. United show jumping but. And interestingly the trainers at the school so they almost prefer students who've never written so that I have to break their bad habits -- just -- and product. I don't think you'll see me in the Kentucky Derby he senses. And -- of course -- going to be watching tomorrow's Belmont Stakes on an entirely new perspective thank you so much -- -- thanks.

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{"id":19346007,"title":"Women Jockeys Making Event in Horse Racing","duration":"3:36","description":"ABC News' Nikki Battiste reports on how more women are taking up this grueling sport.","url":"/WNN/video/women-jockeys-making-event-horse-racing-19346007","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}