Stars Remember Mike Nichols

The passing of Mike Nichols has stunned his colleagues in Hollywood and Broadway.
3:46 | 11/21/14

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Transcript for Stars Remember Mike Nichols
So much reaction to the passing of legendary director Mike Nichols the lost on his colleagues in Hollywood and Broadway in of course all of us here at ABC. His beloved wife our friend Diane Sawyer his body of work made him an icon films like the graduate so what. And the bird cage and isn't how legends personal charm. Endeared him to the biggest stars Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks worked with him on Charlie Wilson's war and Roberts said. He was a remarkable every way and call him her most cherished friend coming said he changed the lives of those who knew him Brill street called an irreplaceable. The friend without whom we can't imagine or world. Some thinks he's big time Hollywood stars really. Be a tad over the passing of someone so powerful and and. Important lines is as genuine he had an impact on a lot of folks in Hollywood that the lot of us don't even realize right then. Thrive while another member of the ABC family had a close relationship with him Whoopi gold work. Had to be comforted by her view co stars. When she talked about Nichols yesterday they shared a deep affection for one another he discovered her and launching her career. As she once said he was well the only people who could bring her to tears and he certainly did that yesterday but touching moment we saw on the few. Well we'll turn now to a visit that it might keep an eye on Britain's future king queen gearing up for their visit to the State's New York a particular. That's right will paying that duke and duchess of Cambridge will be New York next month with Prince William also making a stop in Washington DC and T today. The palace is reminding American reporters of the dress code when covering the royal battling jacket and tie for men pants or skirt suit. Pants or skirts for women no genes energy needs to do we have to if this the reputation we have room world. There American journalists we have to be reminded have to be reminded that for some degree just well enough that even the crew if you have a cameraman covering the camera genes. Doesn't matter how much heavy equipment are carrying would you like to stand up TJ Holmes and show us what you're wearing today. It's Friday it may be Friday or at its casual Friday the thirteenth place Joanna Dark didn't mean to step on the day that we don't Wear jeans took the you've never Wear jeans and apple. But the queen doesn't care if you come to interview them on Friday OK you need to address that accident but the whole bit out here out of Friday Bill Clinton. It back. What next we have someone who publicly will be passing the house is dress code and you can't see them as little kids of those that isn't Miley Cyrus. Love her though does love it would who attends away now her latest adventure is selling a long way. Yeah visit tomorrow to vote for an Italian luxury company he sealer strutting hurts. Stuff place called rock your legs campaign her usual with these moves front and center this is will be content of Miley Cyrus but instead of twenty with a barely she did on the MTV DNA stage last year she was my. They're ripping it apart and that. All right let's go from that that the victim was with him no other reason I haven't heard from unrelated because of course another star's been centerstate in the latest album hits with five for five the unions and. Five days the current queen of the skinny has been shattering records left and right at her latest is a big one for single shake up was number one but it's well it. Who mounted on the top twelve. Whalers Taylor Swift of course she knocks herself up at. I'm visited Tuesday latest single up 98 down Blake spaces a new number one from US billboard hot 100 making split the first female singular effort to succeed herself. At the top of the chart that is inclusive experience has been my having him back. Shaken up teach. Let's think about genes over here head Taylor would be removed care of us attract.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"The passing of Mike Nichols has stunned his colleagues in Hollywood and Broadway.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27074527","title":"Stars Remember Mike Nichols","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-stars-remember-mike-nichols-27074527"}